If I don't trust my family or relatives, who do i live with?

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    Your only options would be a friend's house if their parents are willing and your parents agree or you can become a ward of the state if home life is endangering your life. 


    aw Colleen you,re so caring.

    Thanks Colleen. I only asked this because my dad does things that I tell him NoT to do and it's ruined the whole year. The other reason I asked this is because it's a valid question.

    If you are old enough, it varies with different states, you can declare yourself an independent. But you probably would need your parent's signature to do so, and they may not be willing. Of course once you are an independent, you are out there in the world fending for yourself. You really need your education. Start by talking to your school counselor and see if you can get a social worker assigned to you. Your school counselor you can also refer you to  counseling at a social agency. You need to be proactive. As a teen, my daughter lived in a safe house for 8-21 year-olds for a few months. There are places like these in most every community. To repeat, you must be proactive in order to help yourself.

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