Is the illegal immigration situation affecting your home town? For better or worse?

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    The United States has always had a lack luster attempt to curtail illegal immigration.  In fact, it has become politically correct to support and accept this situation.  God forbid, a government official or law officer polices this problem.  They will quickly be labeled racist and harassed for thier actions and views.

    Worse. We tried to get rid of our illegals, deport them back, Obama blocked my state's efforts. These people are taking jobs in my state that legal citizens need. Obama needs to quit playing king and telling states they can not do things that are positive for the legal citizens. He does not have that kind of power. I'm going to write my congressman and tell him to take all the illegals in my state and ship them to Washington D.C. since Obama likes them and wants to keep them. They can go be his pets. 


    SOS. Colleen can we shift our lot in the UK to him as well ?

    No, you will have to send yours to your PM.

    I'm in Australia and I don't live in Sydney, so it does not bother me yet. It's when they all begin to bring their troubles here, we'll feel it.


    Like I said in a posting yesterday, "not in my backyard".

    In my immediate area there are very few if any illegals. The locals would make life very difficult should they take a job away from a legal. Very difficult. I don't see any businesses hiring an illegal for fear of being boycotted.


    Ed: Consider yourself fortunate. Don't move. This sounds like a great place to live.

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