What kind of worm leaves a white gob of stuff on everything

    A parasite that is in humans , a worm, that leaves a small white blotch of substance that has a hard little white thing in it that can get into everything. It will live in laundry soap or get into the canisters in the kitchen even thew refridgerater

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    Demodex Are Tiny, White, Parasitic MitesThat Inhabit Human Skin

    Not everybody is aware of the existence of tiny white mites, called Demodex or demodicosis. A lot of people may not have heard about these really tiny parasites that inhabit the skin of mammals, particularly humans. Living on the sebaceous glands as well as the hair follicles, these mites can cause a lot of skin conditions that can result to different issues and concerns among humans. According to a worldwide study that involved clinical information and epidemiological data that have been compiled by Dr. Qu Kui Zun, 97% of adults are not aware that they are carriers of Demodex mites. His study that lasted for over 48 years included over 900,000 participants with different ages, ethnicity, and occupations.

    To simply put, these tiny white skin mites affect people regardless of their race, occupation, gender, or where they live. However, as a person gets older, there are more chances that he may be carrying the parasite. This may be due to the fact that kids do not produce as much sebum as adults do. Although many people carry these parasites, their skin typically remains normal and some of them do not experience any manifestation of the infestation. Even if they do not feel any effects of the Demodex mites on their skin, they are still capable of transmitting the mites to other individuals. This can happen when a person gets exposed or in contact with the eyebrows, hair, or sebaceous glands found on the nose of a carrier. Because of this, it will also be wise if they get the proper medication to ensure that they will have the mites under control.

    On the other hand, there are also a number of people who experience the negative effects of demodicosis on their skin. It should be noted that as the number of Demodex mites increases, the likelihood of suffering skin conditions also go higher. When a person has compromised immunity, the number of parasites can increase significantly. In this case, they will feel different symptoms such as swelling, itching, and many other skin disorders including the following: Demodectic Dermatitis, Blepharitis, and Demodectic Acne Rosacea, among others. Also, there are instances when they cause acne and thinning of the hair. This is not really surprising because the face and scalp produce sebum.

    It is undeniable that demodicosis causes a lot of problems to affected humans. Due to the presence of varying skin conditions, a person may lose his confidence and as a consequence, his social life may be affected. This can cause unpleasant effects in a person’s life. If you have a variety of skin problems and you think that Demodex white mites may be causing them, then it is high time for you to know whether or not you have the parasites. Once you discover that you are indeed affected by the mites, you can already get appropriate treatment that will improve your condition.

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