how to boil sweet potatoes

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    I bake taters. Usually uncut on a baking pan and buttered if yo are going to eat the skin.  

    Cover them unpeeled with water. boil gently. If they are large it may take about an hour. I just put mine on to boil. they will be candied sweet potatoes later for tommorrow!

    I would bake thm in the oven drizzle with olive oil and bake as normal but check every 20 mins on at 170 and turn they are yummy

    I am with melandrupert I bake mine and drizzle with some oil but I also put mine in aluminum foil also.  Love them.

    Cook them in the microwave for a few minutes with the skin on and about a teaspoon of water. When they are cooked split open and drizzle with butter. Remember to fork them before cooking, otherwise they will explode and give you some cleaning work. 

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