Who gets the couch after the turkey dinner?

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    We all used to slob about over the couch and armchairs like big full up lumps.-  

    My dog here...............all 75 lbs.  of  him............

    In my house it useally goes to eldest of the family , this year it's me...

    Not me! I usually head for one of the recliners...and nap. Life has it's good moments and this is one of them where the outside world definitely is excluded!

    Actually, no one even makes a move in that direction.  We tend to have good conversation going on at the table.  Today some of us are planning a walk.  Sometimes we go to a movie later.  If I had to pick someone who would occupy the couch for a nap, it would be my only surviving aunt.  She has earned it, too!

    Daren we both do as we have a corner sofa one at one end and the other at the other end and our heads meet !!!!


    that's conveinent..

    very soooo

    The Turkey who ell's?


    facebook - talking of turkeys - once in my school days my Mum bought the turkey and it was too big for the oven - don't know what they did with it Mum, Dad and my Aunt but they managed and we three kids enjoyed.Do you remember in the film "Gone with the Wind" the pet turkey presented itself cooked on the table and Vivienne Leigh said she could not eat it.

    could be my wife.

    Me and Ollie we share.

    Our spoiled rotten dog/Abner will have his choice from the couch, loveseat or a warm spot in front of the heater after he eats his Turkey Escalope stuffed with cheese on Christmas Day.  (Abner's Turkey Escalope was delivered today.  He can't eat the Christmas Goose with us because it will be stuffed with Chestnuts and Raisins (Raisins are toxic to dogs).,w_1120/g_south,l_text:style_gothic2:%C2%A9%20Stockimo,o_20,y_10/g_center,l_watermark4,o_25,y_50/v1483140139/rowfsfrywlf4hciwdj5a.jpg




    Well just look at the contentment on his face, what a lovely expression , bless him.
    country bumpkin

    He looks a lot like Abner. He sleeps with his head against the arm of the two-seater the same way this dog does. Abner looks cuter because he sleeps with his bottom teeth showing and his tongue sticking out a bit. :)

    The Slouch gets the couch.

    better half.


    - - -the men. The women are in the kitchen washing dishes and setting up for desert.

    My turkey on Thanksgiving. I "took after" Trump; I pardoned him!<!--StartFragment-->Image result for turkey on couch<!--EndFragment-->

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