Mitt Romney seems like the most competent candidate for the presidential nominee. Why don't the Repulicans like him. He appears very intelligant and has made his state successfu in financial matters. Why Why Why do people dislike him???

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    Bay horses ? Palamino ? Clysedale ? Sea horses ?


    Can someone explain this answer to a non American please?

    It's the answer to a different question about horses

    to flange---do these horses have anything to do with Romney ?

    He's a flip flopper, he's pro illegal aliens in the USA, he's pro national health care that would cost more to the citizens than what what is paid to insurance companies now. People with money would still be carrying the difference for the people without money, meaning people middle class and up would pay a higher premium to offset the welfare recipients, illegal aliens and the drug and alcohol abusers who are on state and federal aid. 

    I never heard that Repubs don't like him. I thought they liked him by default, b/c Perry and Cain made such fools of themselves   . I'm going to vote for Romney b/c when his dad was gov of the great state of Mich, we liked him. He did a good job. I voted for Obama last time, but  I don't see that our financial system is any better thru Obama .

    I agree with you, it does seem illogical. But, you have to remember that the primaries and caucuses pander to the bases of the parties, in other words, to the political purist. The problem is that they are the extreme ends of politics. During this time the candidates must track either right or left to appeal to them. In the end, it will be the more moderate candidate that will be  successful in the general election. At that point you will see the candidate track back to the center in order to attract the independents that usually swing the election. Romney will probably be the candidate for the republicans because he fits the bill. Right now he seems unpopular because the aspirants are trying to appease the tea party. But, make no mistake about it, the establishment republicans still control the system and are well aware that Romney is their best chance.

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