What was the stupidest thing you've ever done?

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    Started driving to work and discovered I had forgotten my bottom teeth. Had to home to get! LOL

    Shoving a needle in my arm at seventeen. All is good today.

    touched the wrong "Bottom thought it was the wife .They say everybody has a double this woman looked and had the same shape as the wife Oops I said SHE just smiled " I turned the wife laughed I blushed .


    Happened to me at Vegas...I thought I was rubbing my wife's shoulders while she was playing slots !

    Benthere Question did she "win the Woman"

    Got married to the wrong woman. I have corrected that problem.

    I Started drinking, now ive gotten myself into a habit that im finding extremely hard to get out of

    for me, forgetting stuff too! I forget everything, from homework to work!




    Better not do that again!

    get in to a fight


    forgetting stuff


    Same as "kimba"..but smoking, instead.

    where do i begin...perhaps dropping out of school..

    Well one time many moons ago I went from the army camp into Sydney for a night out, got the train back to camp and woke up next morning remembering I had driven my car into Sydney.

    Went back by train and found my car about 3 feet out from the kerb, now that was a night to remember, pity I can`t.

    You mean besides getting hook on akaQA?

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