How can I improve the Signal Strength of My AT&T Cellular signal in my home?

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    Check to see if your phone can have an antenna added to it. Otherwise call AT&T to see if they can help. You may be just on the edge of the tower range so the signal you get is the best you will get. 


    AT&T said tehy can sell me a signal booster for 199.99. I am looking at my options. That seems like a lot of money to pay to make an already expensive service functional - my wife and I have iPhone's and are paying nearly $175/month just for the service.

    That's AT&T for you. Everything about them is $$$$. They should provide a free power booster to any customer they accept and take money from with the promise of great service for the money paid or cut the bill in 1/2 if they can not give the same great service to you that someone else gets for the same money you pay. Perhaps you could try a different cellphone provider. They may have a tower closer to you that will give better signal.

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