# Draw the following regular polygons inscribed in a circle: * square * pentagon * hexagon * octagon * decagon # For each polygon, include the following information in the paragraph box below: * What was the central angle you used to locate the vertices? Show your calculation. * What is the measure of each interior angle of the polygon? Show your calculation

    I don't need anyone to actually do this for me, i just need the degree to angles for each inscribed polygon. Please Help.

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    Mathematics 2

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    although you might use your calculator to generate a picture of the ...... For each of the following, find coordinates for the midpoint of AB: ...... why this circle also goes through B and C. Angle BOC is called a central ...... A regular dodecagon can be dissected into regular polygons (which do not all have the ...

    [PDF] Chapter 10 Resource Masters

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    SUNDIALS For Exercises 14 and 15, use the following information. ..... Each regular polygon is inscribed in a circle. Determine the measure of each arc .... b. a regular pentagon c. a regular hexagon d. a regular decagon e. a regular dodecagon ... Inscribed Angles An inscribed angle is an angle whose vertex ...

    [DOC] Geometry Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum (LCC)

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    Use the Square Figurate Numbers BLM to present the following diagram. ..... C. Find the total number of diagonals that can be drawn in an octagon. ... Include an example of each type and show how you would solve the problem. ..... Activity 4: Finding Segment and Angle Measures Analytically (GLEs: 10) ...

    Full text of "Discovering Geometry: Text Book With Parent's Guide ...

    Dec 14, 2006 – (Lesson 1.2) Mark the figure with the following information: AA= AC AB = BC BD ..... Can you use the Vertex Angle Bisector Conjecture to help explain why? ... In this case, your drawing will show you that there is only one possible .... Write in each box the properties of that kind of figure as you ...


    you might want to try these sites , hopefully they be of more help than me..

    Thank you. It helped a lot. (:

    Sorry girl i don't do home work...


    I don't need someone to do my homework for me, i just need a little help.
    I don't know how to figure the angles out, since i am homeschoooled and i dont have a protractor.

    Your parent that is homeschooling you should get you a protractor.

    it's an online home school. Not through my parents.

    Sorry girl i don't understand home work...


    thanks anyways.
    Headless Man

    WOW Your welcome, no one ever thanks even when I give an answer.

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