A water budget for the system has the following long-term average annual values: precipitation 1,350 mm/yr; evapotranspiration 2,100 mm/yr; external river inflow to the reservoir 30.56 GL/yr; 2.978 ML/hr for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week is pumped from the reservoir; overland flow 120 mm/yr; inflow to the river 16.58 GL/yr; outflow from the river to the ocean 15.43 GL/yr; 420 kL/hr for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week is pumped from the river.

    1. Conduct a water balance for the reservoir, river and aquifer to calculate the following (assume all hydrology average values):

    a) Reservoir leakage to the aquifer (calculate the reservoir water balance)

    b) Discharge from the aquifer to the river (calculate the river water balance)

    c) Discharge from the aquifer to the ocean (calculate the aquifer water balance and assume that net recharge = 0 since recharge and evapotranspiration are approximately equal).

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    Are you sure you meant to post this here? This is akaQA. This looks to be a work assignment for school or something for your job. 

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