Is it bad for infants to sit &/or to stant up?

    I have a 4 month old that loves to stand up (while someone holds her hands of course) and she's already able to sit up on her own (for a short period of time) and when I mentioned this to my sister-in-law she said that it's bad for their hips and back.  It may not be noticable right away but when she gets older (much older) she'll start having problems.  Is this true?

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    what rubbish as Colleen said and carmaxable has said you do need to support the baby at all times but the baby needs this to streathen there bones and they will all ways decide when to do things not you

    I've never heard such a thing. She can only get stronger by working her body a little.  When she sits up or stands, make sure she is full supported. 

    babies "know" when its time to sit up. they will get stronger as colleen said. i wouldnt encourage standing up, though. it may cause problems with her legs. she is not strong enough for that yet. the time will come. they crawl first to strengthen their legs, and scoot along. just enjoy her while you can, they grow so quickly!

    I agree with these answers, they will only stand on their own when they are strong enough, with a little support when you think they need it. Before you know it they are running around faster than you.Make the most of it they are not like it for long.

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