will post offices as we know them be around in 10 years. emails and likes of fedex,ups are eating its lunch?

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    The Post Office is going to have to make some dramatic changes in the near future.  Yes, e-mail, the fax machine etc have had a dramatic effect on the Postal System.   Not to mention ... and I believe this is correct.   You can work for the Post Office for 30 years and retire for almost what you were earning your last three years ( average ).   Imagine what a huge expense that is for people who went to work there in their 20's and retire in their 50's.   You might get retirement pay for 30 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With less mail being sent to pay for the service  ....  and having to carry that retirement load is breaking the bank.      THANK POLITICIANS FOR THAT.  MOSTLY  D------TS.


    so it does not make business sense, should it not be restructured?

    saw.. it definitely needs a make over.

    80% of what the post office takes in is going to employee earnings. OK that means 20% percent of the rest of the money is to get the bills paid and there are many, many of them. No businessperson would be able to pay out to the employees like they are getting now by selling products of nickels and dimes. If that could be done, everyone working at McDonalds should be getting huge checks with bennies.


    so shouldn't an enterprise like this be shut down?

    saw: You can't just " shut down" the Post Office. BUT. You can certainly readjust the major factors that concern it.

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