what would be your reaction when a bad diagnosis is handed to you by a specialist?

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    First get a second opinion.. I was dx with MS, which I do not have... But when I was first told that I did, my reaction was.. Here is a challange, lets (hubby and I) overcome it.


    It is nice when you have back up Jenn,

    I so agree with hector - to have back up makes a world of difference to be alone, as many are these days is so very difficult but what I understand people are more supportive in society in the USA generally as oppossed to the UK these days.

    I think I would be in shock but I would ask for a second oppinion just to make me feel better and if the outcome was the same start fighting the damn thing quick


    So wish I could do just that. You are strong Mel.

    Dopey you must fight most of my clients are doctors and they mostly are in the cancer areas and they all say that the best outcome of their pations are strong in their mind and can fight do this please don't ever give up xxxx

    Get a second or third opinion. You need to work at your healing. God doesn't just heal when you do no more than just turn things over to him. Then if the diagnosis is the same, find a naturopathic doctor because modern medicine will kill you. 

    I'd curse at him. He should have found it sooner, and treated it.


    you probably didn't go to him earlier. cursing won't fix you.

    total shock. i was speechless when they told me i have cancer. im still wondering if there is some mistake since i have no pain. denial? maybe. i just dont know were else to go. going to the regional cancer center specialists now.


    Tough to go through, I'm sure...constant daily stress. So sorry.

    Maybe you should get a second opinion just to make sure.

    Some cancers are not always painful - they can be quite insidious - but if a definitive diagnosis is made it is usually correct as modern technology is so advanced. So sorry to hear this and quite often the treatment is so aggressive and extremely difficult to go through - it just depends.

    Hope this is a hypothetical question Sawali and it hasnt happened to you but if it has,could you request a second opinion?Ask what your prognosis is,treatment options?Palliative care? I wish you well x


    No it is not hypothetical. I don't want to influence other's responses but will give you mine shortly. thx for good wishes.

    after shock and anger thank  GOD for the time on earth that I have had


    ..anger against who? why?

    Outrage ,denial, shock...then 'id realize it's all in Gods hands...

    You know to not trust them again.

    Im so sorry Sawali,my thoughts are with you   x

    Hope this is a hypothetical question Sawali and it hasnt happened to you but if it has,could you request a second opinion?Ask what your prognosis is,treatment options?Palliative care? I wish you well x

    I do hope this is not serious sawali - a poor diagnosis should not be told to you just like that - you should have been counselled first re your reaction - if this is so bad - this rarely happens these days even in the UK a guy going to Private consultant got a letter which he asked me to explain with the most appalling diagnosis together with a "with compliments slip" and what was worse he was to see him at approx. £200 per hour the next week - second opinion. I even had this done to myself once won't bore you with the details as I feel I do, but this was prior to going for tests and not definitive, totally outrageous. Good luck to you and I sincerely hope you get the help you need. 


    This aspect of "giving patients bad news" was sorely lacking in the UK and The General Medical Council said this would be incorporaed into their training - but has it? These instances I speak of were only within the last eighteen months.

    Sawali, I am sorry you are ill. I would go in denial at a bad diagnosis and then in schock. If you dont mind I will say a prayer for you and sincerely hope that everything works out for the best.


    thank you Ann

    1. Accept it

    2,No need to get angry- angry at whom?

    3. Get a second opinion

    4. continue prayers for strength bear it

    5. Don;t fight it. It will make your life difficult.

    6. sit quietly and meditate- good for spiritual strength and body as well

    7. stay active and dont seek sympathy or pity. 

    8 stay cheerful.

    9. help others in their bad situation

    10 take medication as prescribed, see the specialist at appointments, keep an eye on what you eat in moderation.

    Have faith in God for He is your best companion.

    Thanks to all for great responses and good wishes.


    Thank you sawali ,for being our friend,

    First, I would cry. Then, find out all I can about the diagnosis, get a second opinion; all the while praying to my God In Jesus' name to lead me.

    I'd run out and spend all my money!


    I Think if you gave me some of your money Eggy,you may feel,a better person,

    Okay, but I don't have it yet.

    Get a second opinion. If the first opinion matches the second opinion, go out and have fun and enjoy your life while you can. If the second opinion does not match the first, then go and give the first medic hell!, and then get a third opinion. At least you will be spending money on finding out whether it will be worthwhile suing them for their misdiagnosis.And if all three are of the same opinion, check whether they are friends :), then go and get a fourth opinion. That way you are kept busy. You won't be sitting at home, mulling over why life is so hard. Then do everything that you have always wanted to do, including depriving the others of what you know they won't want, but you still insist on giving them :). I hope this is purely theoretical and not factual :).

    Very sad; but ask the specialist what is his recommendation for the next step.

    After that do research for more information about the disease; beside pray to God for extra strengthness and guidance.

    Get a second opinion ASAP and try to be optimist

    Depending on the seriousness of my ailment, I would certainly consider filing a lawsuit.

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