Consider the population situation in Italy or Germany; very low birth rates, an aging population, and eventual decline in overall numbers.What policies would you recommend to these countries, assuming their desire to achieve a sustainable society?

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    Does the world really need more population? As was already stated, allow for immigration into the countries that are waning in population. 


    well i don't know why you would say that about immigration because really i think that it wold be better if there was no boundary where people can and can not go cause this is America and Americans think they are better then every one when really we are all just the same.

    Every country has a belief that they are better than the next. Not all Americans believe our country is better but we do have the track record of helping out every other country in the world and many depend on our hand outs. As for having people wander where ever they want to with no boarders....think about that for a moment. Do you want where you live to be taken over by say, Iranian terrorists? Boarders are in place for a reason. Rules for immigration are in place for a reason. Bleeding heart liberals should put their beliefs in action by taking all foreign people into their homes. Open the door to your house and let everyone in who feels that your door should not be a bounty to them.

    As Umbriel ahs pointed out that  we are extreamly over populated and there is one way Mother Nature takes care of it is a plague of famine which is happening in some third world countrys already  as for the Euro I think its time we looked after no 1 and pull out but I cant see that happening Greese lied on how they got in and it has been noticed what do they produce Olives (which I love by the way) and holidays ! and thats about it we need more produce bring back some farmers quick

    Supply all the old men with viagra.


    ..... and a ready supply of young women.

    This problem is easily solved by allowing unlimited immigration of Muslims, they are going to out-breed us anyway.

    1. it should encourage couples to have more  kids.

    2. open up immigration to required workforce - the will pay the bill of aging population!

    3. the above applies to all countries with similar problems.  younger population have to understand it is the workforce that will fund their pension and choose between #2 and #1.

    Bussing may help. Thats where you send busses to those crowded camps of refugees and transport all aboard to the countries where their populations have been convinced to die off rather than reproduce. They can have the empty housing and abandoned factories.

    maybe the goverment could step up to the plate and offer some kind of tax incentives , for each child born, kind of opposite of what china is doing..

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