IRAN is lately in the news because of Nukes. what are your thoughts?

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    Iran is run by an insane leadership. They MUST be taken out now. Israel must be sure that the American's are behind them, Obama the spineless, will not resupply the Israeli's should they strike  Iran. I would be willing to donate monies to the cause. I'll buy the first round of bullets as a symbolic gesture. 


    wasn't George Bush in the 'insane' category and why was he not taken out? Only the people who elected them can and nobody else. you seem to be a proponant of war and fights - please save the world from another war we are still licking our wounds in human lives and $$$. Rather than your $$$ donation volunteer to join the army and then talk war! So please talk peace.

    We would all like a peaceful planet and never have to consider going to war, free energy globally and cultural competition in art, music theater and free beer. But we have a world of peoples who are as manageable as a family of infants, toddlers, two-year olds, teens and young adults….all hanging out together trying to determine what we should do together. The fact that we all have different ideas about how the world should work like, is far from unanimous and disputes are common. But one matter we have agreed on among the peace lovers is that tyranny does not work. Our policy of perpetual small wars to maintain military superiority (begun in the 1950s) has ended with Obama and Hillary Clinton. Prior to this, the US sponsored and supported the rise of military tyrant wars and enabled conflicts calling for our military engagement. JFK was killed for not backing the beginning of a nuclear war with the USSR and seeking arms reduction instead.
    ed shank

    @sawali. I am in no way a war monger, a realist I am. To think that Iran will not bomb Israel is not even a question in my mind. This regime will be the death of mankind if not stopped now. I would put my life on the line for this country tomorrow if they would take me into the service. I was exempt because I have a lung missing since age 17.
    ed shank

    @robertgrist. I think were on the same page. You were somewhat more eloquent in your comment. Thanx for the response.

    Agree with you Saweli people are fed up of "war talk.

    I agree George Bush was insane and Iran has a right to have nuclear weapons, just like any other country.

    To me anybody that wants to start a war is insane. We should be happy Obama is not so trigger happy. Get Mitt and you're gonna have a trigger happy. People let's figure out a way to stop these wars. There must be some articulate negotiators in this world. Please stand up! No nukes on the children of the world!

    Iran’s leadership should consider their options before simply restricting access to what they are doing. The fact that they are operating equipment that produces nuclear resonant frequency that is impossible to deny indicates the fact that they are using equipment that can be used in bomb making. It is impossible to shield or hide or place that equipment in a hole that is deep enough not to be accurately pin pointed. We can see what they are doing from space, the moon or anywhere on the planet. What we cannot say with certainty is what are they doing exactly. Iran claims to be producing electrical energy…but their claim and the facts of electrical distribution do not match. If all they were doing is making electricity they would not get called to account for their actions from anyone about what they are doing, if they allowed and encouraged  unrestricted access of UN Inspectors. But no they want to act like we should just trust them and let them make whatever behind closed doors. This obstructionist diplomacy is not acceptable and we should simply bomb their targetable sites so that they know the importance of open UN inspections. Inspections or get bombed into the stone age. You choose. 


    But it is al right for the USA to have them.You cant do that Nukes should banned from the world nations.UN Inspections said no weapons! still Bush moved in to Iraq USA and UK boys still dying!!Bomb bomb does not resolve anything.

    shouldn't international rules apply to all,i mean ALL countries?

    We had nukes first, several other nations joined in this nuclear powers group. Having come to an understanding of the crushing responsibility in possessing these devices, it became obvious that nukes as a weapon is a responsibility that should not be liberally shared. The technology must be earned by doing the work of basic development. That development work is not to be shared but some aspects of that have leaked out to countries like Iran and North Korea which seems to be advancing these countries into the potential of producing radiological weapons. The potential of their producing an atomic bomb may be growing in potential but has not been demonstrated. Considering the fact that these countries are under the rule of fearful tyrants, who seek to control us by their secret possession of fearful devices…is not acceptable to me. I prefer open inspections or deal with it effectively.
    Sawali… A unifying fact regarding Nuclear weapons is that they are excessively destructive…destroying not just an encampment but potentially millions of civilians with all of their diverse views. It is this realization that has unified everyone with nuclear weapons against their use. We are not about to entrust others, who we do not trust, give the gift of such knowledge and ability to demonstrate their their respectability by simply giving them a nuclear weapon without earning the right. We do not need weapons we could never use but we are stuck with the historic facts and their responsibility. It is a tragic responsibility. That same sense of responsibility has been demonstrated in out handling of communicable disease, where we seek to limit the spread of plagues. Some day we wii give up our nuclear maintenance completely…when the world is finally settled without the potential for their use.

    robertgrist, so you are playing USA et al is holier than thou. They can have nukes but others can't. Is this right? LET EVERY COUNTRY GIVE UP AND DESTROY NUKES.PERIOD. That weapon has been used in the past!

    Nuclear explosive devices have a beneficial application that we all need. That is their useful altering the course of astroids headed for earth where we could all be killed without nukes and the ability to use them to repel the object that if not altered in its course could kill us all.

    That leader is a nuisance at this time, underneath all that third world nonsense, he is a weak pathetic human being.


    Why? Is it because the US can't control that country too?

    Iran is a trading partner with Russia. Russia provided a Nuclear power plant to Iran so they can electrify Iran. Iran is producing fuel rods for nuclear reactor feed stock and selling fuel rods to other countries for their reactors to generate a financial profit for their impoverished people…according to the rhetoric I’ve heard. I blame this stinking pile of XXXX on the CIA under the umbrella of the National Secrecy Act ( NOT A LAW because it is UN-American and UN-Constitutional)

    I think the USA needs to stay out of it. We can not have nukes ourselves and tell other countries they can't have them. 


    Aman Colleen!

    So every Tom, Dick, and Harry decide to make their own 'nukes' and you just sit back and let them get on with it, is that it ?
    When will they ever learn ?

    Did you see me say that West-bus? Every country has a right to defend itself however. Stop watching the news, stop swallowing the propaganda that says Iran wants to take over the world. Get a grip. Your government lies to you.

    The U.S. has nukes, so who are we to tell others they can't have them. We started the trend. The other countries prob got them b/c they were afraid of what the U.S. can do .


    well said.

    Had USA not developped nukes and use them JIT, today all people from Portugal to Ural mountains would be speaking German and the rest of the world Japanese... Sayonara!

    I think israel will strike first if Iran keeps threatening them. If that happens the west must support Israel. They say Iran will have nuclear weapons within two years, thats getting a bit close.


    does that make it right?

    Yes because Iran is evil, and we should always stand up against evil.

    The Nuclear weapon was completed in the US, when the war with Germany was already over.and it was used on Japan instead. The devastation and deaths were horrific. There are nine countries  that have Nuclear weapons . Britton, Soviet Union, France, USA, China, North Korea, India, Pakistan and Israel.  If we try to stop Iran by force to develop Nuclear weapons, we might very well end up in another war. I would be more worried about Pakistan and India  who both have nuclear weapons and are always at odds with each other.


    I am concerned about Pakistan too.
    International pressure must continue against Iran developing nuclear destructive power.

    Iran wants to be the  leader of The New Muslum World Order  go figger want they want  nukes for

    Ann, good analysis. Now shouldn't the world be screaming at these nine countries instead of picking IRAN. It seems you are more worried about India and Pakistan and not so much Iran but I am worried about everybody including the one with experience. This has to be stopped collectively then Iran will gladly obliege. 


    Iran has a perfect right to have any weapon they desire and it's no one else's business. I say leave other countries alone!

    I think we schould stay out of Irans business altogether. Pakistan is much more unstable and more dangerous. The US. should have never developed Nuclear weapons to begin with and got rid of them, after they saw what happened in Japan.

    i say rain down hell from the sky. but dont send a single ground troup i feel obama is vastly under qualified to be president ,but the way he handled the problen in lybia was perfect.


    Perfect? How? He helped the country get a whole new dictator.

    those people hate us and always will marines are too valuable to die to help people who want to kill us

    the next dictator will see the big chunks of glass where sand used to be and will think twice before he starts building bombs

    no my friend. u r underestimating the rest of the world and believe it will just idly watch. That raining hell will also fall on you!
    And talk about Obama, He brought the soldiers BACK while Bush sent them to face HELL. Obama saved usa?

    you are young or foolish good prevails over evil everytime not as fast as we want it to some times but it does any country that treats its people like objects in stead of free souls will parrish by the hand of the god of Abraham the true Gods rath is coming thru the U.S. or god himself

    Do this and you just constructed the perfect poster for terrorist recruitment.

    Obama sending troops to Libya is a treasonable offence. He sent them without the permission of congress. He went against the US Constitution. That is treason. Obama is a dictator. Should we rain hell down on his head or just impeach him?

    obama underqualified YES
    Libya handling Perfect? LOL

    Another country does not have the right to tell another country what weapons they may or may not have.


    you probably do if you are Mr. Clean because nukes are weapons of mass destruction- remember, IRAQ did not have but got bombed anyway!

    I am more worried about North Korea at the moment.  I think we're going to war with this nut.



    Chiang, It's a small country. So, don't sweat it.

    Anything can be a weapon. Peanuts are a nice example. For peanuts to be a weapon you would have to produce them in great abundance, sell them more cheaply than any other food crop, refine them into every other food product and build  dependency on peanuts for every conceivable product. Control the educational system to abolish awareness of any other food source. Criminalize the use of any other food source and once absolute dependency is established have a “crop failure”. Nuclear weapons are cheap, quick and dirty. Both methods are effective and neither is humane. The end of inhumanity requires a model of what is humane in every culture shared by all.  

    There are weapons that are more devastating than nuclear weapons, depending upon their application and intent. Nuclear weapons have a potential for converting vast landscapes into un-inhabital ash pits. By a strange coincidence, money has the same potential and also the pen. Odd that nukes would be a weapon most desired by wealthy, ignorant, zealots bent on destroying all that is not them…so we are told. Iran funds the GOP to counter issues that may oppose Iran in congress. Influence peddling to hedge a bet on nuclear potentials and havocking distractions. Our pledge of allegiance and oaths of office are amended by the blinding veil of money. 

    We made atomic bombs first to end a war more efficiently…a lower cost of life and to prevent the destruction of a great culture, Japan. Now money has become a potent weapon of global influence trading for the spread of nuclear weapons. The anonymity of money gives rise to conflict and feeds the corruptible with their favorite addiction.   

    Ann, the WWII ended on August 15 1945 only after US dropped an atomic bomb on August 6th 1945 on Hiroshima and a 2nd one on Nagasaki on August 9th. USA did not start this war, Germany and Japan did.

    ed shank

    Dropping the bomb saved countless American lives. As will putting Iran out of business.

    What to do with Iran is one question I don't have an answer for. I only hope that Iran will fail in their efforts to get nuclear capability and/or Iranian peple will somehow get a more rational leadership.

    USA owning and being the only country in the world to use atomic bombs against another country, please keep in mind that if the USA did not do this, additional millions of people would have died during WWII. Also the official language spoken today in Asia (at least) would have been Japanese and in the (very "unified") Europe,  German


    You're absolutely right and as far as Iran, I'm with you, I don't have a clue either.

    Where have all the flowers gone ?

    Long time passing

    When will they ever learn ?



    Where have all the young men gone......long time passing ........

    Bring it on.....

    The  time is coming ....THERE WILL BE ACTION    many...............

    whilst on the subject does anyone remember which country has used nukes in the past?


    The U.S. If Japan hadn't attacked us first, it probably wouldn't have happened.

    so I hit you with a bat and YOU hit me with a sledge hammer? I suppose all is fair in love and war!

    Japan simply gave the US a target to test the bomb on. I'm not sure if the US really knew the damage it would cause. It's never been used again. Mighty Thor put the sledge hammer away.

    There was a plan to attack Japan with men like on D-DAY. The decision was made to use the new bombs instead. Many more people would have died if the A-Bomb were not used........

    USA nukes dropped in Japan shortened the war and save lives.

    I believe armageddon will be a nuclear war, be ready.

    I also believe it's coming soon.


    HOW SOON? what makes you say so?

    Headless Man can you personally do anything to change that?
    Headless Man

    Yes, be ready....

    you remember recently a number of times the world was going to end- it's still kicking around. so my friend think positive and play your part to make it a better world.

    My thoughts are we need to figure out how to end end end all of the wars.  There are other solutions.   Disagreements can be battled out by means of sports competitions.  Dance competitions.  Who can stay on there knees and pray the longest.  Who can spell the best.  Who can learn and speak the most languages.   We have so many other solutions, but we choose the dumbest one.  Dropping bombs on others. And what is sad is that many are voting for war.


    tabber great calm thinking. Dilogue is what is needed AND that requires GIVE and TAKE. Only expecting one side to give in just won't work. rational and logical dilogue will be win win.

         I respectfully disagree with Colleen. I don't think that we can responsibly stay out of it  and I don't think that it's hypocritical to try to control the use of a technology that has such potentially devastating repercussions. Neuclear technology started out as a desperate race between Nazi Germany and the U.S. The U.S. attempt to be the first to successfully construct an atomic bomb was justified by the fact that a megnamonicial maniac was almost in reach of the same goal. For Hiller to achieve success was unthinkable. It was synonymous with a chess game where the U. S. was forced to assume an unwanted defensive move that could have awful repercussions.

         Unfortunately, technology is like the geni that is hard, if not impossible, to get back into the bottle. Can you think of any technology that was discarded for any reason, but being replaced by a more advanced technology? Once that power was unleashed, it was there to stay, the only course of action was to try and control it's dissemination.

         Iran is considered a terrorist state and they support most ot the prominent organizations that represent that horrendous philosophy. They foment discord and death in the countries they disagree with and are obvious in their support of other repressive regimes and if given the chance will cause untold disastersin the middle east which would reach us in the most unthinkable way, another terrorist attack. Unfortunately, the only thing that Iran understands is coercion.  The world must use all the tools at our disposal to force Iran to disgard it's neuclear program both diplomacy and sanctions first, then more forceful methods later, if necessary.

         What you have with neuclear technology is the old analogy about the knife and the gun. Don''t bring a kife to a gunfight. The only solution here is persuasion and failing that, superior force.


    well said on technology. who is going to use persuasion. The same people who themselves have that technology? First they have to clear their hands before asking others to do so. Don't you think it is fair that way?
    Also important to know the Whys of what they are doing what they r doing.

    You are absolutely right; it seems hypocritical for our country to attempt force others to do what we haven't, but I just think that in this situation we may not have time. To me it's to be a case of desperation. In Iran we have a country that seems to be driven toward a crazy course. I don't know. Sometimes I get angry at our country when we profess the need for others to uphold our values and then evidence shows that we haven't been doing sucn a good job ourselves. But here , we may not have time to clean our hands.

    Iran and Russia are in bed together, and they have been for a long time. You could almost say that Iran is a communist country

    End all wars.  Get rid of all nukes!


    Wish trigger happies would listen and END all wars. tabber did you see my earlier response?





    sooner than later.... has not happened and will not happen because calmer minds will prevail in the atmosphere of co-operation and understanding by all parties.

    You will enter the abyss,with the mascot of your choice.

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