how do you know when someonr is one meth

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    Sounds like perhaps you should look in the mirror and see for yourself?

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    There are many signs that I've finally picked up on regarding meth use.  Not every one relates to everybody, and you can still pull the wool over my eyes.
    1.  People on meth tend to be awake for hours to days at a time.
    2.  They are generally on the slender to thin side from not needing to eat.
    3.  They scratch and pick at themselves; their facial skin is a good indicator..scabs!
    4.  They are really busy doing something, but nothing is getting done.  Holding down a job is a real accomplishment for most of them.
    5.  They don't have good hygiene; their teeth can be in horrible condition as well.  The body ages more quickly with meth use (fingernails, hair grow quicker; a serious meth user will eventually look 20 years older than he is).
    6.   Their homes are generally disasters.  Pets are defecating inside, the dishes are on the counter and in the sink, with food encrusted on them. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
    7.  The refrigerator is empty......or filled with boxes of "what the hell was this".
    8.  They don't have a lot of money and are scrounging.  Stealing from anyone and everyone.  There is nobody "off limits" when a meth user needs cash. They pawn stuff, too.
    9.  Methed-up people are not mellow like a pothead.  They can be VERY argumentative and violent. (My son has an ear that was almost whacked off when his "girlfriend" and the "mother" of their two daughters hit him with it.  But he punched her in the face, so it's OK. To them.) Meth users are scary.
    10.  The tell-tale signs of meth use include used q-tips/cotton swabs that don't have earwax on them, scraps of aluminum foil "here and there", and broken light bulbs (don't ask me to explain this).
    11.  The meth person is sneaky and suspicious, sometimes to the point of paranoia. (My son installed cameras all over the house and yard and set up elaborate listening devices).
    12. Their eyes have that "high" look. At first.  Apparently the initial rush is too good to be true.  Apparently, that's a fact.
    13.  Most of all, you will notice that the person you love is not the person living in the skin of the person you love. 

    They are probably scratching, preoccupied, talking crazy.  & trying to figure out where they can get some more money to get some more meth.   But i am not an expext on this topic, but i do know a little from working in the field of social service.

    Their looks suddenly improve. 


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