2011 Credit Union Christmas Pagent 12 november

    My home city of Adelaide will host this Annual Pagent, the biggest event of it's kind in the world. have you seen or intend to watch this magical event . It is televised live to 160 countries , i will be interested if it is shown in your state, province, county etc; being in the northern hemispere i suspect they wiil record it because of the time difference, it starts at 9.30 am ACST. your children , grand children will love it

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    Bullitman that looks brilliant


    Hey Mel, oviously it doesn't get shown in Britain, i wonder where these 160 countries are,:) lol.

    bulletman I would like to know that to it looks spectacular thanks xxx

    I've never heard of it. I guess the US does not air it. 


    I meant to tell you, welcolm back, everyone and i mean everyone was worried for you.------- As i said to Mel, where are these so called 160 countries that are golng to watch.

    Hi there Bulletman,I have never heard of this being held before,sounds great.


    Really PYTH, it's been going since 1933 except for the war years, i have been to almost all of them since i was 4. There will be in excess of 60 floats , 12 bands, dances . clowns, etc. around 1700 people as different characters, it is 3.3 long and takes roughly 90 minutes to go past any given point. It will be telecast by channel nine live.As i told Peoplelover it is going to be bloody hot , even in the morning. i hope you have a chance to watch it.

    bullitman we do see one on telly and thats in the new york st patrics day that is good where all the water I think its the hudson river is died green (if Iam wrong I am sure some one will correct me ) put it on UTUBE then we can all watch it!!!



    I like your Akubra Bulletman.
    What channel is covering it?

    PL. channel 9, i'll be there with the grand kids at 6am , problem is the forcast is 39 celcius an usual heatwave for November, S.A. water will supply bottled water free, they estimate 300,000 to be there.

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