WHAT could ido to get people to send me $1.00?

    im targeting a large # of people but what do u think they would pay $1.00 for?

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    shades1364 i love your question.  I think people would  pay you 1.00 for anything, if it is presented right.  Remember the pet rock.  Who would every pay for a rock.  Millions of people did.  It was the marketing.  My mom's best friend's father willed her 4 million dollars.  He got the money just from selling gloves.  I knew a guy who lived in a van.  He started selling jewelry with his sister and in two years was making 20,000 a month.  You could sell 1 million rolls of white thread and make a million.  What a country.  "Only in America" as Don King says.


    Thank you for that! that is what im thinking! Cause some people can only deal with so much!!! im at the end of my rope. I have a wife and two girls and i have a messed up my back and my knees are bad and unemployment has just ran out,,,, that question i asked is me at the end of my rope. if any other ideas please help us.

    I've been asking for $5 a long time now and haven't gotten a cent........... But, I'll give you $1 if you come and get it like @daren 1 wrote...........

    I'll give you a dollar , but you'r going to have to come get it..

    Jeeeez! The lengths some people will go to for a Buck!

     MoneyThere you go.... just a peice of advise you wont get any money on this site what so ever  



    Not lookin for money here lookin for ideas!!!!!!!!!! Thank You for your concern.

    shades1364 sorry didnt relize that if anyone had Ideas on this site I am sure they would put them to use sorry to be so blunt but that is the way it is can you not put your thinking hat on and try and invent something that people need or some gadget and do a pro then take it to the manufactures and try and sell them it but make sure you get your costings correct good luck


    You could try whistling Dixie


    Do we have audio here too? :)

    you have to earn the dollar,friend. no hand outs - they will make u lazy. 

    I'm going to do my best to start a savings account for you.  Please be patient.  I expect to get that dollar to you...uh...hopefully by next summer.  I hope you don't need it before then.  Meanwhile, hang in there,eat cheap, and no junk food!


    He's most likely on drugs.

    Panhandling is what it's called! sorry no bucks from me! LOL

    Advice, or a small book, online no cost printing only promoting, but make sure the advice is worth a dollar.


    Your advice was worth that much....LOL :)
    Headless Man

    Think I could get a million people to pay me 1.00 for

    A nickel maybe...:)


    Ducka you are absolutely right!  I tend to be a generous person.  & i beleive in the 10% rule.  Give to your church, religion and/or something that you believe in that inspires you.  i believe in people.  & if i can share with people less fortunate than me, that is a great way to give back.  If we all gave to people less fortunate than us . . . how would the world be???  Invite someone over for thanksgiving that has no family.  Make sure not violent or a criminal.  invite a lady over for dinner, who's husband had died, every now and then.  Make sure she is old and ugly if you are married to very handsand man.  Ha ha.  Just joking, in a way.  


    Make sure, as long as you are befriending her that she is (besides old and ugly)! Maybe you'll become her best friend, if you get what I'm saying? Ha ha Aren't we just the nicest??

    Hey very good! I helped a me and my wife helped a homless couple a few days ago!! good ole food stamps. im still broke and about to lose this roof over our heads any other ideas out there

    You can wish for a dollar in one hand and poop in the other. See which one fills up first!


    thats not very nice!
    country bumpkin

    It was a joke. Have you ever heard of one? Don't take people so seriously-chill out!

    If you want your dollar, you'll have to come to Australia to get it.


    hes going to have some long walks to get his dollar!! ha ha ha

    persoanlly i feel this is a great idea.  There are millions of dollars stuck somewhere.  People could be benefiting from that money.  I wish there was a way that we could help each other by donating a dollar.  Many people are suffering in this country.  If we could find a way to give a dollar to each other.  Would not that be fabulous? That's why so many people play the lotto.  They give the dollar hoping they might be the lucky  this week.  Society and economics is truly changing.  We have to start thinking how we can benefit and benefit others in a good legal manner.


    Call me skeptical, but there a lot of people who take advantage of the generosity of others. That's why you have to be cautious of the "stories" that you hear. Some are just complete hogwash!!!

    During all these comments a dollar is not  worth much any more........ Would someone send ME  $100.00  now?.........Please.......,  If you will , I will send you the FAX number........THANKS !!


    Go ahead and post your fax number, Mr. Den. I'm sure that ALL of us here will send a check for $100.00. I know that I will. Wait for it! LOL


    send a dollar to the cucumber foundation  and find out how to cut your electricity bill in half...


    Is there anyone going to ask me how?

    get a job. And another way to get money is.......if  you smoke, QUIT !

    Ducka you are right.  Look at how our American banks give out all those bad home loans and then bet money that they would fail.  We have had hundreds of Madoff pyramid schemes fall down in the last few years.  Lots of big executives are in jail over here for doing the wrong thing with their clients money.  You are right.  Who do you trust.  But I would rather lose a dollar than the homes I have seen people lose in this country.

    Tabber actually I've seen a state go broke because of wrong decision and California is broke and Disney World is supporting it so yeah...


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