how are clouds fomed?

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    by moisture in the sky . You know how you can see steam ? Well, clouds are something like that

    As warm moist air rises in the early morning electrostatic charges are carried as charged particles into the atmosphere. The early morning moisture rise increases as the day begins and more and more electrostatic charged humidity is transported into the sky. The early morning moisture carries an intense electrostatic charge compared to the moisture that rises at noon. As a result of different electrostatic charges among charged particles these particles are attracted to each other and become so numerous that these moisture droplets form clouds. These clouds remain together above the ground plane of the earth because the clouds and the earth are electrostatic equals and like charges repel. The difference of charge attracts particles. to form clouds and atmospheric layering. F0-F5 (Fujitu scale) covers all atmospheric layering well. However NOAA uses the Beaufort scale F1-F12 to describe atmospheric conditions to the edge of space. 

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