Muslim women head to foot in their Burqa 's how do they Identify each other as all the Burqa's look identical black and baggy.

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    It may also be a custom that a female does not go out unchaperoned, in which case she would be known by the identity of the chaperone.  ????   I don't know.


    Bike riders are told to remove their helmets before entering a bank & even some shops & service stations.I have actually been asked to remove my baseball cap at a bank.Not the case for female muslims.They can wear their burquas anywhere.As a consequence Maggie will not enter a bank if a muslim is in there.

    Double standard, it seems. I agree with Maggie. Anyone whose face is hidden, for whatever reason, draws concern and suspicion.

    In Aussie it created a dilemma with our law makers,,because they claimed it was unsafe for a muslim woman to wear a full burquas while driving a car,,due to the restriction of their vision..this is a lady from New Jersey.seems like it is not a problem over there..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""

    You can see their eyes. Although some even cover their eyes with a veil too. I've even seen them wearing glasses on top of the veil. I've no idea how they see properly, it looks very strange. They remind me of Darth Vader.

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