can i trust this online shops ??

    I saw online shop about the cheap Laptop, and i saw some reviews they say the shop is very good, so i want know if the shop is good or not what should i do ? do you have any good ideas? This is the shop


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    I've had real good luck with online shopping only I never tried getting a laptop. I've bought an iron, some lamps and furniture, etc... But I went through "OVERSTOCK".com, a reputable web site....

    I do a lot of internet shopping and it has always been ok but I only go on sites that say it is safe!

    1. find out how long they have been in business.

    2. r u able to contact a reviewer?

    3. is the payment to be made by paypal or charge cards?

    4. if the deals r too good to be true, watch out - there is no free lunch


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