Are you dreading or looking forward to Halloween night?

    I just bought 4 bags of "good" candy and they cost a pretty penny. We'd better have trick or treaters or else I'll be increasing my insulin intake...........

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    I'll be hiding in the barn. (*~*)

    I would welcome the kids coming to the door,but Australia doesn't do it(American Style).Sounds so much fun.

     Halloween Ghost Love it 


    I changed my mind and bought some sweets, chocoate covered olives.


    chocolate covered olives? very curious

    That'll show them....

    We don't really practice that here, but I have noticed a lot of Halloween stuff around the local shops for the first time, it would be great to give all the lollies and chocolates away, Im getting fat!!

    I'm turning off all the lights and hiding in the computer room.

    country bumpkin

    Will you be here on akaQA while you're hiding?

    Probably CB, but I'll be in the dark so will be making a lot of typing mistakes.

    Update: Wife told me to get off my duff & go hand out treats or we'd be eating candy for weeks. It was fun & all the kids liked Max (my dog).

    For most parts of NH. Holloween it not going to be until Thursday because of the snowstorm over the weekend. Most schools from central NH to southern NH. are closed and many people still dont have power.  Happy Holloween to all the rest!

    I'm looking forward to the little people. Most are now as tall as I am. They line up in my driveways and I snap a shot of them all. The pictures are sadly a  reminder of their passing youth.

    We have already had halloween down in OZ, the grand kids never had so much fun, this is the first time we had done this as it is not practised much here, it 's an American thing.


    Ahh. It would be so much fun if only reserved for the younger ones, but we get older teenagers also. Have they (teens) done such things as toilet papering trees and houses, shaving cream and silly putty all over everything, smashing peoples decorations (pumpkins), etc. down there yet?
    It used to be that soaping windows and tipping over outhouses was the thing to do. :o)

    I love it.  Some kids in my neighborhood came by with their parents in their costumes.  They love it.  I love it!

    It is over now  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     ( # - ()

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