How could I find out the computer address from someone who altered a dating site profile?

    My boyfriend tells me that he did not revise his picture or added additional verbage on his 'plenty of fish' dating site.  So, I wanted to know if he did not do it, then someone else must have his password, found a recent picture that I took of him in June, 2011, updated the site and reopened the account.

    He just ask me to marry him in September and so this is very important for me to know the truth about this situation.  How can I find out the computer address of the person who did this update?

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    I would doubt you could find that information without the web site's help. The person that did it had to have the password to his account. Have you asked him who else knows it? How strong is the password? A dating site profile is not something that most "hackers" would be interested in .... unless they had a grudge against him.

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