What makes People shoot other people?

    I heard gunshots in the distance. I just wonder will our police officers be safe when they get there. And I need to have closure on all the bad activities that people are engaging in lately.

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    Probably some one has ripped them off,or they want to settle a dispute,could be a revenge thing,or self defence.

    "" You should come down to Western Sydney there were three houses shot up last night. Muslims with guns, it's like the wild west. Guns are banned here, but the criminal element still manage to get them. Sometimes there are street fights. They shoot at each other from cars, like people used to shoot each other from horses in the wild west.


    I am 2 suburbs away from where it happened.Iv'e noticed it is always middle eastern occupants homes, that are involved.

    There were five independant shootings last night. I thought there were three. Imagine living next door or in the same street. I live on the Central Coast in a nice area. A quiet one.

    Hate, love, money. I've been shot for two of the above.


    Congratulations on reaching your Ton.
    ed shank

    Thanks for pointing it out. So I too am spending an extraordinary amount of time here as well.

    Love, Money, Revenge, Getting Even, Getting to be part of a gang, hunger ... Just wait till the Holidays come and all the goodies are put in the face of everyone. Parents can’t buy gifts for their kids ... on and on.

    I know someone in an expensive home who has a sign on each gate to his back door ...

    “There nothing here that’s worth losing your life over”   

    He has a burglar alarm, outside cameras, a big RV parked in the driveway. It’s almost like an advertisement. They’re having people who don’t look like they belong in the neighborhood canvasing day and night.  Very scary. We live a short distance from them but thank goodness we don’t have all those goodies.             LOL (Kinda)


    lack of respect for human life including their own ..

    Too much of our entertainment are about the abusive use of guns and many children and adults are drawn into the mythical power of guns and their ability to kill. When we value love and mutual respect more than our fear of others, calling for firepower as our method of  self protection,  we will see the purpose of guns fade and their use end. 

    I think pain and anger more than anything.

    maybe it was only crackers/fireworks......statistically we are becomming a less voilent people than 200 years ago .......i was always taught that voilence was/is  the last resort of the i live out in the west and have never seen or experienced bad behavier

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