how does personal responsibilty influence the work and success of a group

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    Personal responsibility means being accountable for yourself....your actions (or lack thereof), your words, etc.  You don't point a finger at someone else or pass the buck of blame to another or some unseen circumstance.  If you are supposed to do something, be somewhere, bring the salsa and chips,  BY GOLLY, YOU TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND DO IT!

    The influence on a group SHOULD be positive....a good example that others can and will follow.  When everybody is being responsible for their assignments, the work gets done.  The quality is going to be better, as well, because there won't be a bunch of lame excuses for not getting the job done well.

    When all parts of the machine are functioning at peak performance, the end result should be a very successful one!

    I would say that it would greatly influence the outcome especially according to how each one took responsibility for their part because if no one or most everyone does not take responsibility as seems to be the case nowdays, things do not turn out for the better.

    As it is said, united we stand, divided we fall. All it takes is one person to throw a whole group off with lack of effort in her responsibility or a negative nasty attitude.

    The negativity of an an individual can and often does influence others, the attitude impacts on the workplace and others often only then see their destructive viewpoint, negativity is damaging both to productivity and harmony in the workplace unless addressed in a timely and appropriate manner

    A group cannot be fully succesfull when when one of its members lacks personal responsability

    Sometimes it does than again sometimes it doesn't. Should your responsibility with a company be to install and tighten all the lug nuts on a 747 passenger plane. Should you forget to do so and 400 people die, can you blame the baggage handler? 

    In a group with established goals, it is generally best to do your part in your assignment. If you are interested in running the show, do the part that you were assigned to do. If you think too much about other group member’s part then you would not be doing your part and you could find yourself ejected from the group. If you have any questions make sure your question applies to your part only.    Admitting ignorance is more respectable than plowing into a neighbors field. Don’t do someone job for them, remain in your field of speciality or you will suffer a loss of confidance in the group. Idiots never rise. Keep your Ideas to yourself and recognise the group dynamics are more like a card game than many would admit. In a business group of various departments, having a royal flush makes an underling a looser. Position is everything and the game is not musical chairs. Taking credit for anything calls for modesty and the recognition of others…gloating over personal victories inspires others to seek your ruin. Complement the work and abilities of others. 

    I prefer to support the bosses position on every question. Here, Colleen rules.       

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