If a person has a bad stroke (cerebro-vascular accident) and has loss of power or paralysis of left arm which of their other senses is affected.

    If a person has a bad stroke (cerebro-vasculor accident) i.e. a clot of blood which causes death to part of the brain and leaves the  person with loss of power or paralysis to the left side arm and leg which sense is affected.                    

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    It depends on the person. As an LPN, I've taken care of many stroke patients.Sometimes, they have aphasia and their vision is affected, as well as the paralysis on one side,.But with physical therapy adn occupational therapy, many of those skills can come back, or  at least greatly improve. I knew a woman who had a stroke at only 43. And at first, she could not feed herself, and her vision was bad. With therapy, she's walking , cooking, feeding herself as always. For awhile, she couldn't drive b/c her vision was affected. Now, the Dr. says she can have a drivers license.


    If the clot affects the right side of the brain - the speach is affected. You are right the most important thing with stroke patients is physiotherapy as soon as possible not active (even during the time they are coming out of it) at first but having their limbs moved for them whilst in bed - very early days. But with the loss of speech - speech therapy is needed later - the loss of speech(which is highly frustrating for the patient and distressing for the relatives) does not occur when the left side of the brain is affected.A great deal of therapy is needed with these patients - with as you dyphasia(difficulty in swallowing) emotional problems and their mobility. A lot of time and patience and as you said depends on the patient and the degree of damage.Many causes for strokes - prevention where possible the best thing.

    I only asked this question because I wanted people to know this because when the speech is affected it causes so much frustration for everyone especially the patient.

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