Have you ever experienced firsthand a tornado, or indeed any other natural catastrophe? Tell us about it!

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    came close to a tornado just outside Houston TX.Weird feeling.Pitch black dark at 2pm.Rain coming down in buckets.We were driving at the time trying to get home.

    I have weathered a couple of cyclones here in Queensland & they are bad enough.Never really lost anything to them tho.Had a couple of roof tiles blown off once & suffered slight water damage inside the house.Nothing too serious.

    i lived in Northern New South Wales with my parents as a teenager,right on the banks of the Tweed river.We were flooded 2 consecutive years.

    country bumpkin

    I'm so glad you were able to stay in Texas.

    Me too CB.It was a lifelong dream for me.I loved it.

    I haven't been a victim of a natural catastrophe but this does remind me of a story though not funny at the time, cracks me up now. Growing up in Texas we had several tornado warnings per year. When I was 13, I didn't know it at the time but my city would and still does set off the tornado warning sirens on the first day of the month for one minute to see if they are in working order.  The test alarms went off during a storm one afternoon so I thought a tornado was approaching. I grabbed a blanket and ran into the hallway crouching down with my head between my knees. I was scared poopless yelling at my grandmother to hurry up and come crouch down beside me. She walked into the hallway laughing her head off at me while explaining to me that there were no tornadoes forcast and the alarms were only a drill. :)

    I woke up in a morgue with a tag tied to my toe. The medical papers said I had dies an hour earlier. I  felt ok. There were several holes in my arms from IVs and my chest was brused. So I got dressed. No one was around so I walked out of the hospital, found my car in the hospital parking lot with papers on the windshield about it being towed from a diner. I lived with my parents at the time and they were about to go to the hospital when I drove in. They were relieved I was alive and well.  


    OMG!!! That is incredible! How did you feel about the whole situation?? Did you KNOW you had been pronounced dead?? How did that affect you for the rest of your life? Did you know you were in a morgue initially?? Incredible!

    Many are of the opinion that we are simply bodies, human animals from a historical heritage of evolutions whim. The belief is not true. We are so much more. But who can discover those facts when their beliefs obstruct any other consideration? There are those who have since my youth sought to instill in me a since of personal mortality by a number of devices such as rebirthing, hypnosis, electrical shock, drugs and even surgery. The event I wrote about was one that resulted from my ingestion of a laurel leaf compound that produces a near death state where the heart beat is slowed and the heart valves do not close quickly. I assume the FBI dosed my coffee in order to persuade me not to discuss information that some considered damaging to National Security at the time. The National Security Act is not a law, otherwise it could be challenged in the Supreme Court and it is unconstitutional. As an act it is considered immune from legal censure this is the rogue element of our government controlled only by select members of congress.

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