how can you tell if black pearls have been dyed?

    I see black pearls that have a beautiful sheen, almost like oil on water. I also see pearls identified as peacock. They look very similar to me. What is the difference? Are black pearls natural or dyed? How can you tell if the pearls you are looking at have been dyed?

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    Tahitian Pearls are cultured in French Polynesia. Because of its natural black color, they are also called black pearls. Tahitian Pearls are very valuable due to the level of complication involved in their production. Because the “right black” color is not always smoothly obtained, some of them need to be dyed to be “right”. The value of dyed black pearls is much lower than the natural black pearls. It is common for speculators to mix up dyed black pearls, even freshwater or fake pearls, with natural black pearls.

    Here are some tips for how to differentiate natural or dyed black pearls.


    The natural colors of Tahitian Pearls are from grey to black, such as green, blue, lavender, brown and so on. All natural color pearls have overtones. If you roll a Tahitian Pearl, you will see an overtone circle above its surface. The overtones of Tahitian Pearls are mostly purple, pink, violet, blue, and so on. Tahitian Pearls tend to not only have one single color of overtone. The multi-overtone is called “rainbow” or “peacock”. Overtones vary between individual pearls. The dyed black pearls tend to not have other colors of overtone but black. If the color around the pearl hole or blemish area is darker than the body color, then it is a dyed pearl.


    The average size of Tahitian Pearls is 12 mm. It is normal to see size over 13mm. The smallest Tahitian Pearls are around 8mm. Black pearls smaller than 8mm are mostly artificially colored.


    Tahitian Pearls are classified into round, semi-round, pear, oval, baroque and circle. The perfect round black pearls are extremely rare and valuable. It is less likely to find them displayed in an ordinary counter at a jewelry store; otherwise they are not the natural color.


    Tahitian Pearls are defined as the most valuable pearl type. It belongs to South Sea Pearls. It is impossible to find natural color Tahitian Pearl jewelry at a low price. The lowest price for an 8mm natural color Tahitian Pearl is not less than $100.

    It is suggested that purchasing pearl jewelry from a reliable jeweler may save time and effort on checking the quality.

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