Is it the desperate hour already in Obama's bid to retain the White House?

    Polls continue to show that President Barack Obama should stand little chance of re-election — a new Harris Interactive survey shows that the incumbent has a negative rating even among Democrats and liberals.

    “He and his campaign [will] spend $750 million to make whichever Republican he’s running against unacceptable to the American people, the same way that George W. Bush did to John Kerry,” Heilemann recently said on Chris Matthews’ MSNBC show, “Hardball.”

    It’s possible they can accomplish that, but it’s going to be a demolition job.” Heilemann has predicted an “onslaught of negative advertising” against the Republican candidate, nothing less than a smear effort, in my book.

    How depressing that Obama’s re-election has come to this, from a man who sought to present himself as a great uniter and healer of our nation.

    We know Obama can’t run on his record. Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly marked the president’s first 1,000 days in office by laying out that record in his “Talking Points Memo”:

    • An increase in the national debt of $4.2 trillion, with the country now spending $4.2 billion a day more than it takes in

    • Some 2.2 million lost jobs, but 140,000 jobs added to the government payroll

    • Nearly 3 million more Americans living in poverty than before he took office

    • 4 million bankruptcies and 2.4 million homes foreclosed on

    • Gas prices up 80 percent, and health insurance premiums up 13 percent

    Mortimer Zuckerman, a longtime supporter of the Democratic Party, says Obama is hostile to business and asserts that the real unemployment rate today is closer to 20 percent, far greater than the official rate of 9.1 percent.

    "While I believe Obama inherited serious economic problems when he took the oath of office, his policies have prolonged and exacerbated them. We now appear to be headed toward a financial tipping point, with a further downgrade of America’s credit rating looming due to concerns over out-of-control federal spending and a monstrous deficit. "

    With the election fast approaching, Obama seems to be desperate and employing a $750 million wrecking ball to demolish the Republican opponent next year will confirm it.

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    I believe our candidate has already been choosen by weathy special inerest-groups. On Jan 19th 2010,  the "Roberts Supreme Court" abolished a centure old law,where political power belonged to the people, that means a a political government directly carried out by the people or elected represnetatives of the people. The "Roberts Law" removed limits to how much special money interests can spend to have the elected official they want.

    Well if i was him , yes. Cant wait for more of the blame game .

    The desperation is sickening, as is his last three years as our president.

    bigben,   Thanks, as I have said anyone running now would be better than Obama, Who is run by George Sorreas.    As for the  TEA PARTY   that stands for  T=TAX



    This party makes more sense to me than any of the others. If they were a seperate party at this time it would be a harder climb for any candidate to be notice. Any one running as a Tea party candidate should be conservative with tax payers money and not waste it on special party interest.    My goal is to have the FAIR TAX  in our system here because it TRUELY is fair to everyone!!

    If some one as radical as Obama can be elected  so can some one on the right (real right) be elected.  Many thought Reagan was not right for the times......history shows he was right!

    As for the Republican party, many in the party are not of the conservative republican party. Thus now the TEA PARTY for conservatives.  

    I myself can be doing better for our country than the one in office now..


    Any one now running may not be perfect but I believe they would not turn our country upside down and against each other!

    Mr.Den, I think that you are wrong about anyone running not being divisive or unsettling, especially the republican crop of candidates. Cain, Perry, Bachman, and Newt are all radical right and appeal to the tea party. Right now the establish conservatives are kow-towing to the tea party, but make no mistake none of these people will make it into the general election. The establishment republicans still run the show and they want someone that can win the general election and there are two candidates that fill that bill, Romney and Huntsman. Now, Romney flip flops all over the place and Obama will attack him for that. Also, Obamas health care law was based on the one Romney put together in Mass.,, so, he's weak on that front. Plus, it's a simple fact that Obama is an excellent debater. Also, there is the fact that the republican candidates keep doing things to hurt themselves; like Perry bringing up Obama's birth certificate and say that maybe he should put his college grades up because Perry's are on the net. Yeah, that's what he wants considering the Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard. Obama hasn't been the best president by a long shot, but the republican field is absurd and I don't think that they have anyone that can beat him. Personally, I like Huntsman. He's logical, intelligent, experienced , and a moderate conservative. But, the GOP seems to be hung up on the far right and I think that will lose the election for them.


    And what do you consider the FAR RIGHT? Gun totting bible thumpers?
    The FAR RIGHT is a SMALL segment of the GOP, just like the FAR LEFT is a SMALL segment of the Democratic Party.
    Right now we have a FAR LEFT PRESIDENT occupying the White House. FACT

    I agree, it is a small segment, but the primary process is driven by the extremes of the parties and that's why the candidates seem so fundmental and it can hurt them in the general election where the independents decide the election. All successful presidental candidates tack toward the center in the general election. As far as guns are concerned, I don't have a problem as long as they are responsible owners and don't think that they are John Wayne and want to pull it out at every opportunity. As far as bible thumpers are concerned, I can't stand the whole lot of em.

    It does seem a shame that whoever has the biggest piggy bank can take an election. Obama, if re-elected, will destroy America. He's done a jam up job to date. With the recent accusations on Cain, it is apparent how the elections and mud slinging will dominate this upcoming election year.

    I don't think that Obama is a strong debater. He can't run on his record, as you stated, but the candidates so far seem to be stagnant. I think it should improve and people should ignore accusations until fully proven, which they won't, and move on with the issues.

    Who in their right mind would even want the presidency and the job of straightening out this economy? It is scary for the American people, let alone a president elect. Americans need to pull together on both sides and see what a mess we have and fix it with a new president.

    Yes Obama is afraid he may be a ONE TERM President as he has said he would not mind.....I will vote to help that come true...........But we see he is still doing anything to make any other candidates running now to falter before it is time to vote for him.

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