It is more of an information than a question Anyways : We are presently doing a research on Dr. Ruth Kajender. We are doing some researches about her work as a psychiatrist. Pls be kind enough to send pertinent information, sites, etc. at

    Can anyone tell me where can I find informations about dr Ruth Kajender, who is a psychiatrist, who practised in Thunderbay Hospital, Psychiatry ? Is she still living, etc? And if you would have any references so that we can pursue our researches ? Thanks

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    She is still alive and is in her 80's now. I Googled her and hit on several sites, mostly bad comments but she has been awarded a high honor in Canada. Here is a few of what I found:

    According to survivor advocate Lynne Sharman, Dr. Ruth (Koeppe) Kajander's career began in Nazi Germany where, as the grand daughter of the "father of German pediatrics," and daughter of a Nazi physicians, she studied medicine at the University of Gottingen. An auspicious beginning: Gottingen had an interesting relationship with Columbia University in NYC, where much MKULTRA research was conducted. After the war she moved to Finland where she married her husband, Arthur Kajander. She emigrated to Canada in 1951, taking a job at Toronto's Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, which she soon left for a better position in research. From:

    Ruth Kajander
    (807) 683-6631
    242 Hodder Ave
    Thunder Bay, ON P7A1S9

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