Have you read any good books lately?

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    Have you known people to have hoards of books around the place and never get round to reading - I'm afraid I am one of them and reading is so good, as I have said before you are never alone with a good book .


    I totally agree. My books are friends to me.

    The last books I read Again were "To have Or To Be" and the "The Art Of Loving" author Eric Fromm. "The Screwtape Letters" C.S.Lewis.  .

    Haven't read much lately - need eye test. and I have been doing this. 


    Eric Fromm, huh? I woulda guessed you were a student, but I looked at your profile just now and ... hey you could still be a student ... I'd say Dopey is not a good moniker for you!

    winfia - your picture looks like a lovely sunbeam. I laughed so much did you not see the date I was born thanks. I was introduced to Erich Fromm's books in the 70's - 80's - (He was born in Frankfurt 23/03/1900 and died 18/03/1980) by a Swiss guy. Are you sure you are thinking of this Erich Fromm, he emigrated to the USA - I am guessing he would not be popular on this site. Sorry I left out the H in Erich - google him there are also video interviews so I see now.
    Of course you know C.S.Lewis who wrote more than 30 books many for cildren(Narnia Books)and the classic "Mere Christianity". He died the same day as President Jack Kennedy 22/11/1963, I was driving my £25. Morris Minor- google him - just interesting.

    Oh yeah, I know who Eric Fromm is. We are just a year apart. My guess all our required reading was pretty close to the same! Not too many of us "Goldens" here at AQA. Love your posts. :-)

    Thank you Winfia - yes we are just but one year apart - kind of you to say you like my posts. What can I say now - could say more but it would just be seen as well you know.

    I just finished I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE for the third time....Very good and LONG read.....   (by WALLY LAMB)


    Awesome, awesome book!

    Isn't it though? I'm about to go for the 4th. reading.....

    I will need to get this.

    Wow! I don't think I've ever read a book more than 3 times. And very few at that. But there is a series I am contemplating reading again. Trouble is there are about 10 books and each one a thousand pages. Geeze ... what am I thinking???

    @dopey, it's a good, LONG read but it CAN be read twice...It's a lot of story.......Wally Lamb is the author if I'm remembering right....

    jhhartan - I'll need to get my eyes tested three times for this - also have difficulty with the old neck looking down so far - need to be like those posh ladies with the book stand and even then difficult - the right specs will help. Thanks again.

    Yes how to make a  million still waiting,. and how to make the wife keep you happy.Still waiting and waiting yawn!! I am going to bed .Maybe dream about it.they say dreams can come "true.

    At 20 plus dollars a pop I have only bought them for my hubby... I read my duaghters AR books from school... She is reading the GA book awards and the authors touch on some great topics for teens.... Autism, depression, loss, Hope, .... I alony buy books when I am at my moms there is a 2nd hand book store there. I get wait to get down there next week..  I want to get The Help.


    I either buy my books at, used, or get them at the book exchange.

    Am finding I like a new author, to me,.  Am currently reading "Body Surfing" by Anita Shreve.  Read another of hers last year titled "The Pilot's Wife".  She writes with emotion and great, interesting detail and yet is very clear and understandable in her depictions and descriptions.  Not tedious or monotonous. Capturing and deep. An author whose work I don't want to put down.

    If you like political thrillers try Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series. Rapp is a larger than life action hero;  the books have a conservative slant, but they are great fun to read or if romance is your thing try Nora Roberts three sisters trilogy involving three witches and an ancient curse.. Oldies are always good. I just recently started to reread "The Three Musketeers by Dumas or "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet really are two of the most romantic figures in literature. For bio's try Doris Kerns Goodwin's "Team of Rivals" about Abe Lincoln.  If anyone is interested in other titles, let me know because I have lltterally thousands of books at home in every subject you can think of.

    I buy my books from and look for used copies. The last one I bought was 2 cents plus $3.99 for shipping and handling. Cheaper and more convenient than driving to the store - especially since my closest bookstore is 20 miles away - and looking for a book and then having to order it because they don't have it and then having to come back in 10 days and then spending an extra $4.50 on a latte because I feel I've deserved it.

    Kathy Reichs murder"" mysteries


    Would you believe I've only read one murder mystery!

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