Vinny I once had a Steinbach piano was it anything to do with Steinway pianos

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    jenn,   yes it is owned by a Japanese company in Osaka - Although they claim it is Japanese made with German parts, this is very misleading, actually the piano is made in Korea by SMC- (samick Music Corp.) The parts are 'licensed' under able and Renner of Germany but not made there.

    The piano industry is worse than the mattress industry, you can not assume anything of where made and where parts originate. There is no international or national laws controlling this.. soon there will be i hope, but then, it'll be too late as it looks everything is coming from China now, it won't matter.


    Also, Jenn, there are two Steinway companies, one (and oldest) Is located at hamburg Germany, the other also very old in located in new york. The new york Steinway uses parts from all over the world but it is American built-- handmade, very nice piano- i actually like it better than the German one. Incidentally, these two Steinway are unrelated to each other where once they were.. not for many years though.

    Dunc' your Steinbach piano could have been manufactured in Torino Italy or London, they were also made in Canada.  Never Germany though.  There isn't much information on these pianos, I am assuming that you are speaking of an older Steinbach, not the new ones.. They haven't been making the new ones very long..  As a matter of fact, i discussed this with my co-workers and even made a phone call to a real piano Guru.. Even he was unaware of much history on it so I looked it up. I am giving you the information as i see it in my 'piano atlas' book.. just not much info on it.

    Usually I can find out a lot on a piano with just the serial number, there is nothing on the Steinbach..





    Steinbach in a Japanesse company with the pianos made from China.... Steinway is a german company. With German componants.


    Japanease are you sure my Grandad bought it in the 1920's with candleabras built in

    Read my reply..
    I know for certian it is now a Japanesse company... IT is owned by one of the parners who owms the company my hubby works for... I dont know if it was bought out or if it originated there.

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