what is the good way to cure a headache without any pills?

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    Feverfew its a herb and just infuse the leaves and drink like black tea

    Massage your temples and the back and sides of your neck,a little bit of Lavender oil rubbed into these areas is good also.

    Try sitting in a dark, quiet room and do deep breathing exercises (in, out, in, out). You will naturally 'cool' off your head and your headache will vanish before you know it. if that fails smash your foot with a hammer you'll soon forget about your headache..


    good answer!!!!! ha ha ha ha

    Yup, that definitely works!

    The juice of a whole lemon  in a cup of black coffee.


    Hmm, I must try that.

    I don't drink coffee, but your advice very interesting

    put a wet tea towel on your forehead that will do the job


    Let me know when you find out.


    i quess it is a massage, but i dont know on what points

    Here's what I used to do when I used to get migraines.  First, massage all over your scalp with your finger tips; then , put pressure on your head with the flat of your hands, and rub it with long strokes, on the side, top, and even rub the ears  ( gently )  Fold your hands on the back of your head and pull forword , then letting them go in a rubbing fashion. Do the same to the back of your neck.  AFter I went thur menopause, I never got a migraine again ! :-)


    I don't know how that got on there twice :-\

    Drink ginger tea or eat some crystalized ginger candy (ginger in any form) and take a hot foot soak. Try it, you'll like it! And your headache will go away.


    I've heard that ginger works well but I have never tried it.I will now tho.

    Ginger also works if you are feeling nauseated.

    well, if all the above fails, you can always cut off your head!


    & lose 10 pounds of ugly useless fat at the same time.Hahahaha!

    Great question and there many helpful things to do as long as it is not being used as an excuse. Good answer from pythonlover I was about to say this too.

    Put a heat pack or hot water bottle at the base of your skull,lean back & have a nice hot cuppa tea.That should help.


    Dunno Don.Works for me.

    Here's another thing-----wrap crushed ice in a folded towel big enough to cover every square inch of your head when your wrap it around it. Then, go lie down in a darkened , quiet room till you feel better---like an hour or so. Use an eye mask if it's bright in the room.

    Figure out what gave you the headache. If it's a person kill them. If anything else, avoid it in the future.


    Best solution.

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