what is a monetary policy and how does it get us out of a recession explain in your own words

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    Monetarey policy varies from person to person it is how you use and distribute money/ wealth . It is the same with governments only on a larger scale. To get out of reccession you have to produce products which people/countries want and can afford which in turn creates employment and prosperity for the people who are employed producing the goods. The people being employed creates demand and demand creates growth in trade between people and countries supplying each other with goods that they use for every day living. As our country now as no industry that produces anything which people want to buy and most of the countries wealth is made by investing on the stock exchanges dealing in monies which don't exist and the people running the country want to keep the people of this country down and own everything for themselves there is little chance of us getting out of recession . They would rather import everything from the likes of China and Germany and anywhere else you can think of rather than invest in their own country and people.That is how  I look at it whether i'm correct or not is up to your point of view. The person above this answer mentioned WW2 England'  s people fought WW2 along with her allies against the Germans, Italians, Japanease and paid a heavy price for it.   Look at the state of the losing sides industries thriving whilst the British people are being sold down the river and China the biggest growing economy in the world and the country is Communist there is definately somthing wrong all those millions of dead soldiers must be turning in their graves not to mention the pain of their surviving relatives Ww2 wasn't that long ago

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