im trying to update my iphone to the new software upgrade and i go to itunes and it says i need to download the new version of itunes ( havent downloaded new itunes in a year or so) so i try to download the new version and the site said the website is untrusted and encrypted ? what does thhat mean and how do i fix it..i just want the new apps..thanks:p

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    If you are attempting to update your version of I-tunes from the Apple website you are safe. Sometimes Windows will prompt you this untrusted website message from legit websites as they havent applied for and obtained a Windows certification stating site is safe. I have downloaded Apple software from Apple and ignored the message and have had no problem. I had the same experience from Logictech which is a 'real' company.  BE CAREFUL, make sure it is Apple's website that you are accessing the update from. Look at the top of your screen and ensure it says ''. Other legitiment websites I have experienced the same.

    Another way to be safe is to create a restore point on your computer before downloading programs. Go into your computer and create a restore point. You can name the restore point. If you do this, you are safe from downloading programs that you may find cool and like but are offered by some company that you may not have heard of. Usually they are ok but if the download is corrupted you can go to system restore and restore to the point just prior to the downloads that have negatively affected your computer. This will remove the troubled download(s). 

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