i want to teach a theif a lesson i use to date a theif and i didnt know i left him in my house and he sold all my gold jeweler everything jeweler from my childhood that i'll never find again i need to let him pay

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    If you have proof he stole it, take him to small claims court. You do not need a lawyer for small claims.
    You can't teach a thief anything. Colleen, I'm not sure 'small claims' is the place to take a thief, if there's proof that these items have been stolen and they can pin it on him then he needs to be arrested and stand in criminal court. Still it will be difficult to locate these items if he sold them..

    Sometimes it's easier to go through small claims. Depending on the value of the items taken, the police may not put a lot of time and effort into it. But a filed police report would help in small claims.

    Don't you watch Judge Judy? LOL

    Hell no! i can't stand that b***. she's arrogant man hating loon! My wife likes her though.. but like the woman's TV channel, 'lifetime'-- They have all these wife beating flicks, everytime my wife watches one of those my arse is grass.. I just leave..
    One time i had a babysitter that stole a money order for my electric bill, also a leather jacket and who knowes what else.
    While she was working at a restaurant a very close friend of mine spray painted in bright white "I steal" down both sides of her brand new chocolate brown Thunderbird. She know but couldn't say a word. It was a priceless moment, the cost of a new paint job on a new auto was not cheap, plus can you imagine the embarrasment leaving work with all of her co-workers, laughing and wondering.

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