how dose welbutrin and zeldox make a person feel

    i know these drugs are for antphycotic  but what do they do for the patient 

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    Welbutrin has been credited with assisting in "stop smoking" efforts, and is widely used as an anti-depressant.  I don't know that it would be effective as an anti-psychotic!
    For nearly 10 years, I have been taking 100 mg. Bupropion, which is a generic form of Welbutrin.  The RX calls for 2x daily, but I only take 1x/day. 
    I have clinical depression; it is not a result of a messed up life, so even with the medication, I can cry and be immobilized with sadness (everything in and around my life that could make me sad or cry is pretty obvious).  I won't take the second pill, though; I am able to work through the really hard stuff eventually.
    What this medication does for me is help me keep my head above water.  It does not put me in LALA Land, or make everything rosier.  I am not high, buzzing, or anything else.  It just gives me a more level playing ground. 
    I'm still responsible for my own happiness, sadness, success, and failure and I am acutely conscious of that fact.

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