how does hearing loss relate to db's and hearing aids

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    There are many different kinds of hearing loss.  Some people lose high-toned sounds, some lose low-toned sounds, and some,  some of both,...   Ironically, those experiencing hearing loss hear certain sounds way  too well and cause major sound irritation within the ear,  while not other hearing normal sounds well at all. Clinking together of metal such as keys and  coins drives me nuts and is almost unbearable.,  And the crinkling of hard plastic; almost have to put my hands over my ears with those, they're so intrusively loud!!. But a regular, normal voice?     " I'm sorry,... I didn't quite get that........"    Very Frustrating!  I know, as I am an early genetic hearing loss individual. Excludes and limits your possibilities, even with hearing aids.  They only help moderately.  Much is still missed  in conversation......and people get tired of repeating themselves for you, so you are sometimes left in the dark about something and have to devise ways to find out about what you weren't retold so you aren't  isolated and ignored. It's very tough, especially if you are still working for a living, as I am.  Insurance, of course, won't touch it. Might cost  them some profit to help people be able to hear half-way normally. What do they do when it strikes them or someone in their family???  OOOhhh, wait, ......they have millions in the bank thanks to all the billions or more that we've paid in so it's no prob to put out $8000.00 every 6 yrs or so, not to mention the outrageously expensive batteries you need all along the way!!  Do you have an extra $8000.00 lying around to be able to hear??   Surely hope so!!

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