How do i fix a ripped envelope flap?

    Help! I tried to steam a letter open and I botched it up and it's ripped in several places. How can I fix this?

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    You can't. BUT, if you can forge the handwriting, make a new envelope, send it out again. 
    If the letter came from out of town, put your new, forged envelope in a bigger envelope and send it to someone you know who lives there, or at least nearby.  That person can take your forged envelope to the post office and mail it for you.  (NO, I've never done that....yet)
    Or you can just admit you were snooping and suffer the consequences.
    Or you can throw away the letter and pretend it was never sent.
    Or you try using a glue that dries clear.  That will take some time (better spent doing something positive next time).

    Don't do that again, OK?

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