how do you get red of a baby

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    I would rather speak to the baby on how to get 'red' of a parent..  Please contact your local police or social services, they will take the baby and put it in a foster care home.   Assuming the word 'red' translates to 'rid'..  Terrible word to assign to a human baby..  Then maybe you are speaking of 'abortion' .. either way, i have problems with it..


    Ohhhhhhh its R I D. My mistake. :(

    bearinger, is it red off a baby or RID of a baby. Spelling is important.

    Drop it off at a hospital, a fire station, or  a police department. You will be asked no questions.

    Before you drop the baby off, make she he/she is dressed warm. And is in a sturdy carrier.   When you get a short distance call the people who will be caring for the baby and tell them its there. Or you can stop by and tell them. You won't get in trouble ... They'll just make sure your baby is well cared for. 

    If you are pregnant and don't want to be you can get an abortion. I'm sure you know that. 

    Are you thinking about this? Have you talked to your parents? 

    I wish you and your baby the best.




    TSC ~ That is just so incredibly mean.

    No its not. Its says RED.

    I appreciate that you gave my answer a thumbs up. Thank you. You are right (in a way) It was just a shocking question.

    Its funny, I never figured out that the question meant RID not RED. It went unanswered for a while so I looked up pictures of RED BABIES for a joke. Now that I know the person meant RID I know the "joke" aspect of the picture is out of line.

    I have already been told my heart is bleeding so sorry I would not open it further and answer your question - I hope things work out in the best possible way.

      I am assuming that you might have a new baby sister or brother that you might not be too happy about. In that case you are that little babies hero, he/she is going to look up to you your whole life. I hope that you understand what it is to be the oldest child and learn to love and take care of your little sister or brother because once your both grown up, you just might be the best of friends.


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