how do you get red of a baby ??

    how do you get red of a baby??


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    If you are talking about a real baby, take it to the local hospital and ask them to help you.

    red head

    if your not wanting to do things for baby that need to be done. Please talk someone like the hospital. Remember, that baby didnt do anything wrong. Do the right thing for baby.

    I hope you are asking about a game and not a real baby.


    i 'm hoping you got me message from the other it's really bothering me that you would think i'm pissed at you about something..i'm not never....daren
    country bumpkin

    It's okay Daren. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.I explained it in the original thread. Have a good day. (*~*)

    Contact the police department or the fire department, or Child Protective Services, or do the hospital thing. 


    And, in the future, do not bear children you do not want.  Tell your friends, too.

    also  most any fire department will take a newborn with no questions asked..

    Abortion ,Adoption.

    Abortion, NO, This baby didnot ask to be concieved. Give him/her a chance in life,  Adoption may be the answer. Hope you wont regret it in future.

    Perhaps the question should read "get red off a baby" , a mistype rater than bad spelling in which case you give the kid a bath.........

    Headless Man

    Hope so, either way she need a spelling lesson.

    Abut 60% of the peple on this websyt neid speling lesons .. (or don;t kno how to edit ther koments)
    Headless Man

    Yes, or use spell check. I would look bad without

    No kidding, I'm the world worse speller...

    Yes - many hospitals have a "no questions asked" when dropping off a baby. The other thing you could do is raise that child until she or he becomes an adult ...


    The answer about raising the Child until it becomes an adult is by far the best.You don't get rid of babies under any circumstances and any one who does you have to feel sorry for or lock up

    If you are totally unable to care for a baby, it’s better to hand it over to someone who wants to love and care for the child. Also someone who can afford to feed and clothe the child.

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