Have you seen news story about baby Lisa missing in Kansas City ?

    After watching reports, i dont trust parents. Why would parents hire a high profile defense lawyer from New York. They could never afford this. Where did big reward come from. My guess the reward came from that lawyer to get more publicity for him. Cadaver dog hit on dead body in the house. The mother was drunk that night baby went missing. She failed polygraph test. That baby is dead, she did it, but i sure hope i am totally wrong. Very sad situation.

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    This is a strange story. The mom firsr said, that she last saw baby Lisa at 10:30 pm when she put Lisa to bed.The father came home at 4am  in the morning from his second job and found Lisa gone  The mother failed athe lie detector test.The mother changed her story after a high profile lawyer offered his services and someone put up a 200.000 Dollar reward.Mom now says she put Lisa to bed at 6:30 pm., had 5 glasses of wine and blacked out. The lights in house were on,and the front door was unlocked when dad came home that morning from his second job and a screen was tampered with and 3 cellphones were missing from the counter in the kitchen.There are two possibilties: Nr. one: The Mom found Lisa dead in her room from some kind of accident and she panicked. She had no car, so Lisas body could not be far away, then she set the stage by turning on all the lights, leaves the front door open and tampers with the screen. Nr. Two: Mom was really passed out and someone either came through the front door or the window and took the child. But since cadaver dogs hit the scent of a dead body in the house possibility Nr. one is more realistic.I hope to God I am wrong.

    i  think  her mom and dad had someting to do whit it

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