I have a buntline scout 22 lr single action 9 1/2" barrel serial # 66xxxf no model number the frame has traces of gilding or gold plating now it looks like nickel the barrel, cylander, hammer and trigger are blued the gun is 2 toned. i cant find any info on this gun, what do i really have. any info would be appreciated

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    debjacksn1, I'll make a note to myself to keep checking on this for you.  How about a Pawn Shop or the guys the recreate war scenes - with all the clothing, guns, tents, etc.  r/yvonne57

    It might be worth it to you to pay the $75.00.  It would be interesting to know the history but the gun might not be worth $75.00.  Plus, it's not been around any wars or anything like that so I wonder what it's value really is?

    I just looked at one of the guns you described.  For some reason I thought it was an old timey gun but it's not.  I see where people have theirs listed with a description and a price.  Does yours compare with any of theirs?



    Well it looks like this gun being 2 toned. 1st Year Production Colt Scout .22 LR Duo Tone but it is a buntline scout and by the serial # from colt it was made in 1959. We can find two toned guns and buntline scouts but not two toned buntline scout. Someone else said he thought it was a special made gun and we would have to pay the 75.00 to colt to do the research and tell us the history of that gun..... still lost lol

    debjacksn1, just Google "buntline scout 22" and there are several websites that can help you.  I would also try an Auction House or Gun Store or Museum.  yvonne57


    Thanks but I have already checked google and the sites dont have anything on this gun. Also I checked with colt and they said I could send them a request in writing for 10.00 and they would send me any info they still have on this gun. i have checked with a few auction houses i know and they say that i should check on line to see if someone else knew ay other info. thanks for your help

    yvonne57  thanks alot any help will be appreciated . It is great when you have something rare, but difficult when you are trying to value it.....


    I know you have already checked E-Bay right? yvonne57

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