Why does not your news analyists understand the reason the run-of-the-mill Republicans want another candidate than Romney? We want a true conservative, which Romney is not. Perry was thought to be, but lost us on his immigration stance. Cain is all we have now, but at least a true conservative. Romney is another NE liberal Republican of the type that we are tired of....Sen.Snow is a good example. We have had our fill of liberal Republicans, and the Mitt flip-flops to what he thinks folks wa

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    I just know I'm not voting for Obama like I didn't the first time he ran....

    RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT! The trouble with politicians is that they seem to forget why the people elected them in the first place. They do what they want without considering what we want. Even if the people speak up, they ignore them.

    Well, Senator Snowe is from Maine, and most of Maine is very pleased with her. Say what you want...but at least she doesn't let the partisanship keep her from getting the job done for her constituents.

    I would vote for Herman Cain if he is as conservative as Ronald Reagan was.. So far he has only 5 million to run his campaign, while Obama has 100 million. Also he needs Iowa, New Hampshire and Ohio to win. I know NH. will go to Romney. He has to make an effort to go to Iowa and Ohio to campaign there..The only true conservative Repuplican President was Ronald Reagan that we ever had.. I hope Hermann Cain will follow in his footsteps.

    Another problem with politicians is that they were mostly all lawyers in their previous career's. Most people know what lawyers do, they get paid for arguing pointlessly. They rarely if ever get any good done and all they really care about is winning their cases.

    They would make great actors and really don't care who is right or wrong and don't care one bit about helping in general. I know there are some, but very few who really  want to help people. The system is so corrupt now we might be better off starting from scratch.

    I believe Herman Cain has the people behind him, now to get the republican party to nominate him.

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