Should rich and poor all pay their fair share of taxes based on income? why

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    WE all would be paying the same% on what we spend, the poor would pay more on their cellphone but the rich would pay the more on their $1,000,000.00 homes.

    However what would keep the rich all from just leaving the country and leaving all us poor slobs here with our

    There should be a flat tax so you pay a percentage of what you make, regardless of income.

    Why, because thats FAIR.


    that would be consumption tax. basic necessities of humans are the same.
    Headless Man

    That would be great if it replaced income tax and wasn't added to it.

    Incomes increase more for the working people than they do the retired and at a higher rate. Elderly struggle with paying for medications.. for the most part, more than the non-retired young and healthy. I'm not sure a fair tax set percentage is going to be all that fair for everyone.

    yes , you still have to pay taxes on your unemployment checks.

    Randy P said what I was going to say. The answer is yes because it's only fair!!  No more excuses for the mega-wealthy!!

    Its only fair that people schould be taxed according to theire income, like they do in all other countries.

    No, income tax isn't constitutional. Only tax on services from the government are. Eliminate the income tax, and reduce government services is the only answer to reduce taxes.


    so how do you run a country without taxes?
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    We did it before income tax, that was only supposed to be temporary and no more than 1%.

    He said income. Not compensation. Income is when you take a product and it is made for $10.00 and you sell it for $18.00. You have an income of $8.00. If you work.. your performing a service and being compensated for the work with a payroll check. That is not income.

    Here Americans are scratching their heads to give input on what is considered fair taxes for all. What would be fair is if Government would control their spending so we would not have to be burdened with tax increases to pay for their stupidity.

    Now Washington DC is announcing they are not going to enforce immigration laws there. I mean .. really? Let's just keep allowing the Federal Government to keep paying out entitlements to illegals, and let them continue coming over the border to exploit the job markets, education system, hospitals, welfare, and buying American homes at 1/3 the price the Americans had to pay, before foreclosure. This is what governing our tax payer dollars go for.

    The government needs to lay off the tax increases, and lower the current rate. It doesn't matter how much you make we all pay to much. Like Randy said a flat rate would be way easier and much more fair. When all is said and done with the way taxes are now we pay about 50% or more in taxes. That's with sales tax, income tax, etc. .

    There is no actual law that says we must pay income tax, only tax codes. I believe we should do our part for our country, but the question is how much is our part before it becomes a burden to big to bare. Also what percent is fair? I like the 9 9 9 proposal myself that Herman Cain is suggesting.

    Headless Man

    I like 999 too leeroy, at least it would be a step in the right direction and a kick in the butt for the economy.

    Sure, or ten, ten, ten, as well. A flat tax would get rid of all the red tape the government is famous for. Keep it simple, that's just smart.

    I don't know and I don't get it. We should all be paying out fair share. For some it's more fair than for others....


    Be careful what you are thinking, I heard the government is going to tax us on what our opinions are.. lol.

    Flat tax, good idea.

    The government is wasting our hard earned money... Hello why give them more, it will never be enough for them.

    Income tax is illegal anyhow, there are no laws that say we must pay income tax. It goes against the constitution, check to see the next time you sign your income tax papers. You sign your constitutional rights away when you sign you income tax return papers.

    Its time for a new tax system. The old or current has been ripped apart and no longer functional. Everybody should pay taxes. The only way that can happen now is  a tax on goods or services sold. Do away with all income taxes. It is bad when people get back more money than they paid in. The rich do pay their fair share. But the real problem is spending on social programs like young pregnant girls getting paid to keep having babies.

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