How can I show God that I love him more than yesterday?

    I have moved to be in a revival church to receive life for me and my family.  Now we want others to experience the life and freedom of a renewed mind in Jesus Christ.

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    I'm glad you found whatever it is you were searching for but please refrain from shoving it down others' throats. It's called RESPECT for others. Thanks.


    Don, Firstly, I am in Canada.I fail to grasp the relevance of one's native origin in responding to this or any other question.

    Secondly, my reference to "respect for others" is linked to the question's subtext,which you obviously overlooked.

    "Now we want others to experience the life and freedom of a renewed mind in Jesus Christ."

    The aforementioned statement by the writer is what I take issue with.

    Continue to fellowship with God every day.  Read His word, pray/talk to Him.  Let your words and actions be a reflection of His love. 
    AND don't pass judgment on ANYBODY.  Love your enemies. 

    through works alone, theirs nothing we can do to get god to love us any more or any less.

    ""Hi there, remember me?

    Responding to all your words:

    I say you DO NOT annoy other people with your idea of a renewed mind by pushing them or forcing them to listen to what works for you and expect that they should drink the koolaid with you and follow your new religion. I personally do not believe Jesus is God but I will never force you to follow my beliefs or try to convince you that he is not your God. You should show this same kind of respect to people like myself. Let us be and do not believe it is your job to try and save us by dragging  us to your chosen path in life. I know God, I'm good with my path and my relationship with Him.  Keep thy religion to thyself.  


    There is always the story of the man who prayed in the street and the man who prayed in a closet... God preferred the closet prayer...

    Gee....You sound really dedicated.


    You made me chuckle. ;)

    By working on that same thought today!

    Feed, clothe, shelter someone, or visit someone in prison.

    Your god already knows, keep living a good life.

    Tell him......

    don`t give up,con`t to love god every day.

    There are no time limits on Love or God.  When you find Love in God it is timeless and forever, beyond measure.  It is all yours in Christ.  For Christ is Love Consciousness the Son of God.  :-)

    You don't have too. He's pretty sharp, he'll know.

    No one can tell, nor force anyone to read, nor not to read, nor to listen, nor not to listen, nor do, nor not to do, nor to believe, nor not to believe, nor force anyone to do anything they are not ready or want to do.  Everyone has been blessed by a Loving God with their own Soul, Mind and Freewill, not to be directed by anyone else but themselves, in such Higher matters of Heart and Mind.  The Goodwill, will ever show the way.  We may thank the God for that, for He is the Good.

    One can only share what they have come to understand as the Good in this  existence; what has raised them to happiness and joy in this life.  This is the testament or revelation of what is the Truth in this material world.  This is success, beyond the success of men and the world.  Its secret is and ever will be Love, not as men of the world say love, as lust,  but of the Spirit of Christ.   For such Love is the Light of the world.  Let them hear it who can, let them receive it who can.  :-)   


    Using a person's good graces for ones agenda is a way of forcing someone to listen. Some people are just too polite to walk away. Sometimes one can use another's guilt (real or imagined) against them in order to get them to believe in a way that is just not right for them. Some people are susceptible to brainwashing, so susceptible they are an easy mark. Yes, a person can be led astray and that's what sheeple herders count on.

    As far as "One can only share what they have come to understand", do you mean the ones who simply answer a question (just any ol question) with slammed or thumped on the screen instruction of, "read your bible" like they assume everyone on this earth even owns a bible?
    I find people like that shallow, pretentious and very uneducated about God.

    Why would you ask this?


    God merely asks that you do love him.. More precisiely, that you honor him, and keep no othe rbefore him. If you honored the pursuit of money today more than you did yetserday, than you did not love Giod as much as yesterday.

    Daily, we (as human beings) drift from one side of the baot to the other) Life is a daily struggle, between good and evil, worldly and Godly. We seek oneness with God, but are of this world.  Therfore, we, imperfect beings  as we were so created, struggle. We must not be overly hard on ourselves, as God understands this struggle. We merely need to take note of what we had done during the day and refelct upon it, and ask that god be pleased with what we did, forgive us for what we did (or failed to do) and the strengthen us of rthe tasks and challenges of tomorrow. 

    Do you ask this because you fear you are not loving God enough? or, so that if you can klove him more, you will rest more assured that your soul will find favor with God so to be guaranteed a place in heaven?  If so, I would caution you. Fear is ALSO the devils tool. It makes us believe we are less than we are, and therefore, striving for the impossible.  Eventually, Satan egts enough of a grasp that he convinces us we are not worthy, and thus our house begins to crumble. If you seek More of God's favor, than ypour love is misdirected.

    JUST    LOVE... "Jesus asked of Peter "do you love me?" and Pete ranswered. "Yes Lord, you kmow I love you" Then Jesus said "Tend my sheep"        Jesus didn't say, "more than yetserday?", no say "show me?"... or even "how much?"  he merely asks that we love Him..

    May god gant your heart and mind peace...................

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