Should I Retire Early ?

    I have health problems,lung, carpel tunnel(twice), undergoing 5 back surgeries, suffer depression , (I am bi polar) work is becoming a nightmare as I deal with high challenge developmentally affected people, I own my home, but  Im a bit hesitant as I know there is no going back, what do you think ?

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    If your financial situation allows and  your health is suffering,i would suggest that you retire.Give yourself a well earned break.


    pythonlover,thankyou I think I can afford to, just a bit scared I guess

    If you can afford to,why not? But stay active.Take up a hobby or a sport or some past-time to keep your mind active. Don't vegetate. Can you do some part time volunteer work?


    Tommyh, I agree, I have already lined up a bit of work in the pub, and have bought a pottery wheel, also would like to do meals on wheels, and give some more time to the fishing club,(Im the secretary) funny as I detest fishing, I feel too sorry for the fish to kill them !

    Just don't forget to take care of yourself.

    If you can afford to, why not, but do something you enjoy doing, don't just sit around and turn into a zombie, What ever you decide best of luck. 

    Without a doubt


    dunc, my husband says that too, but I worry about the second income, maybe its because I have never not worked.

    you can't take it with you you may as well enjoy what you have



    manika why no ? I have second thoughts too, what are your reasons?

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