what requirements are needed for usa register nurse to work in uk

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    According to the NMC website, here are the requirements re: training/education in your home country

    You must have completed a three year (4600 hour) full time course at post secondary level divided as follows:

    At least half of this course (2300 hours) in clinical or practical training

    At least one third (1533 hours) in theoretical training

    The course must include theoretical and practical instruction in all of these areas

    •general and specialist medicine
    •general and specialist surgery
    •childcare and paediatrics
    •maternity (obstetric) care
    •mental health and psychiatry
    •care of the elderly
    •community/primary care nursing

    If you have undertaken training less than three years in length or did not follow the theoretical and clinical balance as outlined above, your application will not meet the NMC’s requirements and will be unsuccessful (according to the NMC website).

    There is this added note for nurses who undertook training in the US:
    If you completed an Associate in Science Degree in Nursing (ASDN) that was below three full time years in length you will not meet NMC requirements for registration. We will be able to consider your application if your programme was three full time years or more, and if you undertook a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN).

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