what's the best way to get rid of an headache?

    I keep getting headaches and I tryed many ways to get rid of an headache.

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    Thank u guys for helping me out i appreciate it

    thank u everyone for helping me get better and it did!

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    Have you tried relaxation methods....mediatation in some form, deep breathing exercises, yoga, tai chai.  Those kinds of alternatives have helped a friend of mine. I would try these before popping pills but personally, I don't get headaches so I really cannot relate. It must be awful to have constant headaches.  Hope this helps.


    I did toke some tyleno and I did tai chi, It was feeling better but 8 or 9 seconds it start to hurt again.

    "8 or 9 seconds it starts to hurt again?" Wow, that's just amazing!!! Find a hobby dear. We can't help you.

    sorry i don't get headaches ,..... i just give them..

    Try rest first, if that does not work consult your physician.  Many things may cause headache, but old fashion sleep, rest, or relaxation may just be the trick.  Many Americans lack R&R because of our demanding lives and stricken economy.


    Thank u

    Try giving your temples and forehead a massage,even around the back of your neck.I am a headache sufferer also,take some paracetomol with added codeine.

    If you have them nearly all the time see a doctor You can have  "Cluster headaches get it confirmed.

    I had terrible headaches for years. I was finally diagnosed with ADD. Adderal got rid of my headaches and gave me back my life. ADD/ADHD is not just for kids.

    Before that, I took OTC Sudafed. In the US, you have to sign at the pharmacy for this medicine. It worked.


    Thank you

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