Why my cat is loosing her hair. Been to vets over the years but soon my 11 year old cat is going to be bald

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    zimbo you are a compassionate person keep up the good work with your animals and welcome to the site

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    OK, the cat has been to the vet over the recently? Has the doctor seen the cat for the hair loss? Could be mange, could be mites, could be nerves, could be an allergy to fleas, could be a lot of things. See the vet again. 


    My cat Whiskas started loosing hair about 6 years ago. She had many tests done, not a mange, mites or flea problem. At first she was given a hormon injection as she was spayed without having kittens. It helped for a few years. Now the vet thinks its a allergy problem She had a injection for that 3x now The last time 4-3-2011. She will see the vet again tomorrow as the problem is back.

    Great so the vet is handling it. Sounds like he has her on steroids maybe?

    Thanks Collen for your reply No to to most of your sugestions & yes to your last went to the vet last 4-3-2011 for the 4th time over the years. Going to the vet again tomorrow. Was hoping for advise before going to the vet again

    It could be a digestive problem, cystitis,hypertyhroidism and inflamatory Bowel disease.. If your Vet thinks its an allergy, than change the cats food. Most common food allergies in cats are beef, wheat, milk, cheese, eggs, carrots yeast.. Also Vitamin C acts like a anihistamine(in powder form of sodiyum absorbate powder) 500 mg. daily. There is a lot  of information out there. Overuse of cortisone drugs,supress symtoms and weaken the immune system. I wish you luck and hope his skin condition improves.

    My sister took on my moms chuahua years ago .. the dog lost all of her hair.  It was a hormonal imbalance. Now the dogs is blind deaf and toothless at 12 years old. The poor thing needs to be put down. She is cold and terrrified all the time.


    Your sister is being cruel. She has the power to end her dog suffering and do the only humane thing possible. Please try and persuade her.

    Shame I agree with west-bus. Very sad to see a animal suffer even if its the hardest thing to do. I have had many animals over the years & if a bad problem & the vet advice is to put it down I will do it with many a tear shed. At lest my cat is still heathy with her problem even though she has had many vet bills as she did as a young cat have kidney problems & up till now can only have food from the vet. But thats what love is all about. Doing the best for your pet otherwise don't have one

    Still hoping if somebody out there have or  had the same problem as my cat with hair lose. The vets seem to just guess thats its allergy problem & can't seem to solve it as it keeps coming back. Going to the vet again tomorrow for another jab. But the question is. Could there be another reason for loosing her hair


    Put your cat on brewers yeast. You can get it in powdered form at any good pet supply store. Brewers yeast is great for skin and hair/fur. Instructions for use will be on the label.

    Hi Zimbo I am a cat person your cat is 11years old and as you know that is sometimes when the problems start My friends cat called lottie has the same thing the vet said that she ahd a allegie to flees I think they say that at first anyway she has been back as its still there shae has had cortizone injections which did stop her licking her fur and stopped her going bald but now its come back and she has had more test we still dont know the out come you could give her a pritton only half of if she is small a 1/4 and one evening primrose oil this worked for my cat as he was licking and liking the vet said it was stress but thats cats for you though I wouldnt be with out them keep intouch and let us know how you get on

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